Tips for Planning a Florida Summer Wedding

Florida is a great place to have a wedding. However, it’s essential to know some vital steps when you’re planning a summertime event in the Sunshine State.

Florida has a reputation for being a fantastic destination for any event. Many people choose to have their marriage ceremonies there because of the weather and beaches. Today, we’ve got a handful of tips for planning a Florida summer wedding and how you can avoid a few potential pitfalls.

Watch the Weather

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but we can’t stress enough that summer is the rainy season for this beautiful state. If Alanis Morissette taught us anything, it’s that nobody wants rain on their wedding day—but rain is common from late May to early October. So making event plans indoors may be better if you’re aiming for a summer wedding. We advise being careful when you’re making big outdoor event plans during this season.

Book Early

Tourism is how Florida makes a lot of its money; visitors spent over 17 billion dollars at hotels alone in 2021. One big tip for planning a Florida summer wedding is to get as much planning done ahead of time and get your reservations booked as soon as possible. No matter what your wedding plans are, the odds are good that someone else has similar plans, and when it comes to booking, it’s usually first-come, first-serve.

Planning the Reception

If you’re having a wedding in Florida, it’s presumably because you want to experience the state’s culture. When planning your reception, try to keep things uniquely Florida. Many local restaurants offer catering services to give you an authentic taste of the area. When it comes to entertainment, Florida also has some of the most professional DJs to consider hiring.

Florida is an amazing state with a lot to offer. However, due to unpredictable rain in the summer and an influx of people, planning early and carefully when you’re aiming to host your wedding in the summer is best.

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