Tips for Planning a Modern Farm Wedding in Your Backyard

farm wedding

Backyard weddings are whimsical and intimate, especially on a farm. If you don’t live on one, here is how to create a modern farm wedding in the backyard.

Fall is the right time to plan the ultimate farm wedding. Even if you don’t live on or near a farm, we got you covered with the three best tips for planning a modern farm wedding in your backyard. So get your boots ready and the festivities going with this quick and easy prep guide to throwing the most beautiful farm wedding this fall.

Choose the Right Prep Area

Barns are a great spot for the wedding ceremony. It’s customary to choose one side of the barn to get ready and then designate the other as the ceremony space. That way, you have an easy way to go around the back without anyone—including your significant other—seeing.

For your prep space, you want an area that allows natural light to pour in around you. This creates the most opportune moments for pictures. In addition, you can beautify the area by choosing wooden mirrors that can sit against walls for better views of your dress, hair, and makeup.

Fix Up the Landscaping

Even if your backyard faces a city skylight, you can make the surrounding landscape resemble farmland as much as possible. For example, when you have gardens to dig up and replant, you want to ensure enough flowers can cover the ground, line the walkways and aisle, and even adorn the reception area.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to hire help if there are muddy or bare areas. Fall is a wet season, but it’s possible to prepare your garden before the big day. Finally, consider the surrounding area, as this can help determine where you’d want the reception and ceremony placed.

Keep the Layout in Mind

If your backyard isn’t big enough to hold about a hundred or so guests, consider other alternatives, such as a friend’s backyard, or rent out a farmer’s backyard to use for your wedding day. Additionally, pay attention to square footage when considering other activities, like a DJ, buffet tables, photo booth, and anything else.

When planning your dream wedding, it’s essential to stick to the more minor details, as they make more of a difference than what flavor cake to get for the reception. Aside from these fabulous tips for planning a modern farm wedding in your backyard, ensure you make this special day one you’ll never forget. Keep these tips in mind when planning your modern farm wedding in your backyard.

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