Tips for wedding venues in Dubai

Many bridal couples go abroad to get married. There are a lot of great wedding venues in Dubai. That’s why this is a popular destination. Another reason is the good weather. Other popular destinations include Italy, Spain and the Maldives. One thing is certain and that is that in Dubai the weather is good and that anything is possible! There is something for every budget.

Hotels and wedding venues in Dubai

Many hotels have a special wedding package. This really takes care of everything for you. For example, I was in the Sheraton hotel where they also offer this. The hotels in Dubai also have very nice decor and actually everything is beautiful so you can’t go wrong there.

Check out Level 43 Sky Lounge in the evening. This hip lounge on the 43rd floor of the Four Points Hotel. Here you have an open air bar with a DJ and a beautiful view over Dubai. Here you can organize a perfect party with all your family and friends.

Love shoot Burj Kalifa

What could be better than doing a photo shoot with your loved one on the highest tower in the world. It is quite busy but by using a long lens you can cut all the people away. In any case, you have a really beautiful view, which makes for unforgettable photos. But it is not only cool at the top of the tower, but it can also be very nice below to take pictures with the Kalifa in the background. In the evening you also have the beautiful fountain show which gives a special effect on the photo.

Wedding party on the beach of Dubai

It is nice and warm in Dubai and you also have many beaches. A very cool beach is the Barasti Beach. You sit on the beach next to many high towers which gives an incredibly cool view. This can also be very beautiful for the photo shoot.

Not only is the photo shoot fun to do there, but you can also do the bridal party. Wonderful to watch the sun go down on the beach and eat and party with family and friends.

The Barasti beach is located at the beginning of the Palm Island. You could also take pictures of the Sky Line of Dubai in between, which gives a very cool result. Then you can go straight back to the beach and continue partying.

Old center of Dubai

There is really a lot to see in the beautiful new Dubai and there is a lot of glitz and glamour. It once started in the old center which still exists in the old style. This is also very nice to see and take pictures. You see less high-rise buildings here and you have the idea that you are walking in the film set of Aladin. All those houses are really beautifully made. The old part is also next to “the creek”. This busy river that runs through the city with many boats almost gives a Venice feeling.

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