Tips For Your Groom’s Party Outfits


Your groom’s party outfits are important to get right because they’re one half of what will be an important part of the wedding day. Not only do they need to look right together but they also need to go with the bridal party and suit the rest of the wedding’s theme. Here are some tips for your groom’s party outfits.


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Figure Out The Colors

The color scheme is important, however many groomsmen you have for the day. Depending on the type of outfit you’re going for will reflect what colors will work and what colors might clash with the design. Think about textures and patterns because it needs to suit the time of year to ensure your groom’s party isn’t too hot in what they’re wearing. The colors need to be something that the groom and the groom’s party will enjoy wearing and that they’ll be happy to have their photos taken in also. Once you’ve figured out the basics of the color that you want, you can then explore the different materials and start shopping to find the best outfits that suit that color that you had in mind.

Tailor The Fit For The Groom

The fit of the groom’s outfit is the most important part of the groom’s party because you want the groom to look the best out of the whole group, just like you want to make sure the bridge isn’t upstaged by any of the bridesmaids. There are plenty of companies out there that will be able to tailor the outfits that you buy or you could simply go into a tailor and get one made from scratch. Just make sure that they match up with the rest of the groomsmen.

Bowties, Ties Or No Tie?

When it comes to the groom’s and groomsmen’s accessories, it’s important to have a consistency in whether they wear bowties, ties or nothing at all. It depends on the personality of the groom and what they think will look the best. You can check out Wardrobe Hackers to get an understanding of how to tie bow ties if you wanted to go with a bowtie option. You could also mix it up by having bow ties done up for the ceremony and then undone when it comes to the evening as everyone loosens up and gets into party mode.

Hire Suits & Consult With The Party

Suits are expensive and therefore they can add up the total costs of your wedding. What you might want to consider is hiring those suits or if the suit itself you’ve picked for the groom is generic, then you might want to ask your groomsmen if they have this suit in their possession already. Buying a suit is fine if you want to do that but you’re likely picking something that some of the groomsmen won’t wear again if it’s not their style.

When shopping for your groom’s party outfits, plan the color, textures or designs first and then figure out all the finer details from there.

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