Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Dress Last Forever

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Your wedding dress is perhaps your most beloved article of clothing in your closet because not only did it cost a fortune but it also holds immense sentimental value; it is only natural that you would want to preserve it for the years to come so that maybe someday your daughter or your granddaughter can wear it on her wedding day. Not preserving your dress can lead to fabric yellowing, brown oxidation marks, mold growth and also permanent fabric creasing.

To best retain a dress in its true shape, color and quality calls for proper measures, Good news! It is now easier than ever owing to the availability of wedding dress preservation kit. Let’s get you acquainted with the basics.

Preservation involves special cleaning and packaging that will allow your wedding dress to look as good as new. Inspection is the first step to preservation. You must start the procedure by searching for stains; you would be amazed at the number of stains that remain hidden until later when they change color.

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It is ideal to start the preservation procedure whilst the stains are still relatively new. The longer you wait, the more time it will take for you to get rid of the stain. Proceed with stain removal. Once cleaning is complete, your dress is carefully wrapped and placed in an archival, acid-free, airtight box that finishes the preservation process and makes sure your dress stays looking impeccable for the years to come.

Store the box in a cool, dry and dark place because storing it under light can lead to potential discoloration. The average wedding dress preservation kit costs somewhere between $200 and $800; well, you are in luck because this kit costs you only $150. Following are some additional tips to help you further.

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Be Careful of Stains

Before the big day, be extra careful with stains. Little do people know but even pollen stains fabric. Ask your florist to remove the buds to be sure.

Put it on after everything

Make sure to put your dress on last. It is the only foolproof way to avoid makeup, hairspray, and food and drink stains.

Use Special Garment Bag

When it comes to transportation, you will need a proper garment bag for the job. Wrap special details like embellishments with acid-free tissue paper.

After the event is over, wrap your dress in a garment bag as opposed to a plastic bag. Plastic is your worst enemy; it traps moisture thereby increasing the probability of your dress harboring mildew and mold. It also can enable your fabric to change color. Steer clear of plastic.

  • Hang your dress properly or lay it flat. Hanging it will prevent sagging and stretching.
  • Let the experts handle the cleaning because one wrong move can cost you a whole lot.
  • Ensure adequate storage in a cool and dark place.
  • Be careful about opening the preservation bag. Wash your hands and make sure they are free of perfumes, lotions, etc.

It is never too late to start preservation. The more time you waste contemplating, the more potential damage you are causing to your prized possession. Get on the bandwagon before you are left with any regrets.



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