Tips To Consider When Creating Your Wedding Menu

wedding menu

Providing your guests with the food they’ll enjoy can get tricky. Don’t fret; here are tips to consider when creating your wedding menu for you magical day.

One of the best moments in a person’s life is to get engaged and celebrate by throwing a wedding. It needs to remain orderly while feeling fun and memorable. The comfort of every guest matters, while the married couple should feel catered to while letting themselves embrace the fun of their magical day.

However, one of the biggest parts of planning your celebration is knowing the tips to consider when creating your wedding menu. From the price of each plate to knowing how to present the meals, food is essential in the entire wedding experience. So, take a seat and sample all the dishes because each guest might think the same thing as you.

Designing the Perfect Menu

The menu is important for guests to choose what they like and for showcasing how appealing the items are. There are a handful of ways to choose how you want the food served: plated meals, buffet, family-style, serving stations, and heavy appetizers served by waited staff.

Additionally, consider the budget you have, as cost per head will add up quickly. Season also comes into play, especially if you’re having a winter wedding and you want tropically-grown foods for your entrée. So, think of the formality of your wedding reception and the space provided.

wedding menu

Dietary Restrictions and Risks

One of the most essential tips to consider when creating your wedding menu is the health of your guests. It’s vital that you are aware of potential foodborne illnesses, bacteria, and parasites that could come into contact with any guest attending the event. Thankfully, many caterers and hosts offer liability in their contracts and will assure you of their cleanliness and cooking.

As for dietary restrictions and allergies, make sure to provide alternative options for your guests. You never know who might have a shellfish allergy and have a severe reaction to the shrimp cocktail appetizer. So, make sure substitutions are offered to every guest.

Laying Out the Presentation

Not only should the food taste delicious, but the presentation should also be professional and appetizing. So, make sure you know how the caterer or provider will arrange the entrees and appetizers before going through with the contract. They should have the ability to work along with your theme while remaining appealing.

With proper preparation, budgeting, and remaining timely in your planning, your wedding will go smoothly. If there are mishaps, just breathe and remember that weddings are still exciting and all about celebrating your marriage. So, enjoy the planning and dig into that delicious entrée.

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