Tips to decorate your wedding with flowers

Decorating your wedding with flowers give atmosphere and should not be missing during the wedding day and not only in the form of a bridal bouquet, but with wedding decorations with flowers you can think big. A beautiful garland for the welcome sign, large centerpieces from NYC florist at the entrance of the wedding location, flower arrangements at the ceremony, and let’s not forget the table decoration with flowers! Today we give you great inspiration for beautiful centerpieces and wedding decorations with flowers.

If you want a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner table or a grand flower arrangement at the ceremony, you obviously don’t want it standing right in front of someone’s face. So let your NYC florist advise you well as they are the best floral design nyc. It is useful to first know what kind of dinner you have in mind. Are you going for a chic six-course dinner, shared dining or a buffet or barbecue? The styling is then adjusted to create the desired atmosphere. Especially with the flower styling on dinner tables, you have to take the view of the guests into account. Do you want large flower arrangements on the dinner table? Then work in height with, for example with tall glass vases.

What are the trends in flower decoration for your wedding?

What you actually see coming back this wedding season are the pastel shades in combination with the copper and gold tones. You also see many asymmetric centerpieces. Special shapes such as a round arbor, lots of greenery such as palm leaves or natural pieces that are placed on the ground are also very popular at the moment. The flowers really determine the atmosphere at the wedding and by keeping the surfaces basic, they actually suit all different types of locations: from castle to city location.

The budget

Of course, every bridal couple wants to know how much budget they should set aside for flower decoration. Manhattan florist makes everything to order, the flowers are carefully selected, the flower arrangements are made by hand and if desired, they decorate the wedding location.

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