Tips To Ensure That You Shine On Your Big Day

wedding day

If there’s one day in your life where you want to look your very best, it’s your wedding day. It’s the one day where quite literally, all eyes are on you, and chances are, you’ve been building up to it for quite some time. Of course, the whole point of the day is to celebrate you and your partner, and for the two of you to join as life partners. But there’s no denying that the modern concept of a wedding has grown to so much more than that. It is almost as much about the spectacle, and the guests, as it is about the two people actually getting married. So, with all that in mind, it’s only natural that you would want to look your best (there’s also going to be a lot of cameras around!). The one phrase you hear being brought up incessantly around brides is ‘glowing’ – although what exactly makes a bride glow so much remains a mystery to many people! However, if your big day is just around the corner, and you want to shine as bright as possible when you walk down the aisle, here are some beauty tips for that much desired bridal glow.


Obviously, you are going to be happy on your wedding day. But what if that simply isn’t enough? If you feel self-conscious in any way, shape or form on what is arguably the biggest day of your life, it will show. No one wants to look back on their wedding photos and know that they didn’t feel truly 100% that day – so work out what it is that’s knocking your confidence. Maybe you have always struggled to get rid of your belly fat, or perhaps you are worried that you don’t have the cleavage to fill out your dress properly. You may have been toying with the idea of visiting a clinic such as Belcara Health to resolve these issues for some time but have always put it off for one reason or another. Now you’re about to get married, wave goodbye to those doubts or any naysayers. If it makes you feel happier and more confident, go for it!

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Plenty of sleep

This is easier said than done when you have a million and one things to do before the big day finally rolls around. But a tired bride will be a dull bride – and you may not be able to enjoy your day quite so much if you are sleep deprived. If you need to, take a few days off work ahead of the wedding, so you know you have time to do everything. Plus, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your bridesmaids if you feel you are struggling to meet deadlines. That’s what they are there for, after all!


Lying on the couch pigging out on pizza in the run up to your wedding might be tempting – but it’s going to do nothing for your physique, skin, hair or mood. All these things play important roles in how ‘glowing’ you look, so try and lead a healthy lifestyle right up until your big day. Even just twenty minutes of exercise a day can make all the difference, and you can walk down the aisle knowing that you both feel great AND look stunning.

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