Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Classy and Elegant

outdoor wedding

Keep your outdoor wedding classy and elegant by throwing a party that your guests remember for years to come. Create a memory that will last forever.

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular, especially in the summer. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to indoor venues. Keep your outdoor wedding classy and elegant, and throw a party that your guests never forget.

It’s All About the Lighting

Your outdoor wedding starts off with the sun shining bright, but the party will go into the night, and you want to keep the illumination going. Add some tea lights and string lights to create the perfect ambience at your wedding. However, you need a little more lighting to get adequate pictures.

Add some LED lighting fixtures into the mix. You don’t want to place them in every corner of your wedding because then the scene will start to look congested. Focus on important areas, such as the dance floor, cake table, buffet table, and floral arrangements. These are the spots where photographers will want to get the most pictures.

Upgrade the Lavatory Facility

You don’t want your guests running around looking for a place to use the bathroom, but a porta-potty doesn’t mesh well with the elegant theme you’re after. Consider renting luxury portable restrooms for your wedding.

These bathrooms come with more amenities and less stress than a porta-potty can offer. They have great ventilation so that you don’t need to concern yourself with keeping it aired out. Also, you don’t need to worry about placing it in the shade to combat the sun because they are temperature controlled.

Your guests have plenty of room to wash their hands with running water and look in the mirror to check on their appearance.

Dress Up the Furniture

If you’re all dressed up and so are your guests, you shouldn’t leave your furniture out. Throw white linens on your tables and chairs to give them an extra pinch of elegance. Also, add colors to the centerpieces to further complement the overall look on your big day.

The elements might try and work against you on this day, so consider holding the linens down with some ribbon instead of twine or regular string. Add special place cards near the table settings so that everyone knows their designated seats.

Also, place decorative holders at each table to keep napkins from blowing away. This saves your clean-up crew the trouble of chasing down blown-away napkins at the end of the night.

Give Them a Foundation

Grass and heels don’t get along, especially when you want to dance. Walking down the aisle can prove difficult when your heels start to sink into the grass. Flooring helps ensure the safety of yourself and all your guests.

Make sure you build a dance floor too because you want everyone to have a great time. You can choose from tile, turf, or wooden floors. If you add a tent to your outdoor wedding, most companies offer a flooring option. Take advantage of this deal so that you kill two birds with one stone.

Even though you don’t have a venue that comes decorated, this doesn’t mean you can’t class up your outdoor wedding and make it elegant.

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