Tips to stay in shape before getting married

You’ve just been proposed and you’re eager to try on dresses. But be careful! A high dose of enthusiasm combined with a lack of knowledge and experience can cause you to overlook important details. We will help you….

The Big Day

Your wedding is your day, that comes first! But keep in mind that satisfied guests ensure a great atmosphere! Therefore, take into account the costs that they also incur to be able to celebrate your big day together. Spoil and surprise them where possible and think along with the transport or accommodation options.

Hourglass figure

Crash dieting just before the wedding? NO-GO. Do you want to lose weight and an hourglass figure before your big day? Then start wearing wholesale shapewear and make sure you eat healthy and stay active. This way you look fit and radiant at your wedding.

Tip: Many brides buy a dress that is too small because they think they will lose a lot of weight before the wedding. Unfortunately, this is not the case in practice and the brides are left with a dress that is too small that they have to adjust. Buy a dress that fits your body nicely, as it is at the moment!


Losing weight through exercise is best if you find a way of exercising that you really enjoy. Don’t start a sport if you know you don’t care. Your motivation is therefore a lot lower and it will become a ‘must’. A nice walk through the woods or a bike ride on a sunny day also counts as exercise. When you wear a wholesale waist trainer you are sure you will reach your goal faster.

Small adjustments

Small changes in your lifestyle can also make a difference. For example, go shopping more often by bike or take the stairs instead of the elevator. In combination with your healthy lifestyle, these small differences can ensure that you will walk to the altar radiantly!

Perfect Match

You are looking for your dream dress! This one should fit like a glove and you will really shine in it! But think about the atmosphere and setting of your wedding before you buy it. Are you getting married on the beach? Then a huge princess dress doesn’t seem very relaxed to us, does it? A princess dress would look beautiful at a castle wedding or another luxurious location.

New Look

Okay, everyone does it sometimes; experimenting with your appearance. Just make sure you don’t do this right before your wedding! Another haircut, new bright colors in the hair or a nice spray-tan? It may seem like a good plan in the heat of the moment, but afterwards you will be really fed up with those crazy wedding photos. Think about your bridal look well before the wedding and make sure you remain yourself!

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