Tips To Take Awesome Wedding Videos Using Drones

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Most couples dream of having a perfect, fairytale wedding. They’ll be planning everything from choosing flowers and table centerpieces to selecting sumptuous menu items. As well as wedding planners, florists and caterers, videographers play an essential role in making the whole event a successful one. Videographers are responsible for capturing those precious moments, the emotion, the I-dos, the first kiss, the first dance and everything else which the couple will reminisce looking at years later. Today, with the advent of aerial photography, many couples are going the extra level by hiring drone videographers to capture breathtaking videos of the entire ceremony. If you’re an experienced professional, you could use the following tips for your next project.

Making the best use of the wedding venue

Understand the venue where the ceremony is taking place. Is the couple having a destination wedding at a picturesque location? Or are they having a traditional church wedding with all the vintage charm? No matter where the location is, you must make the best use of the scenic views by taking captivating footage.

Practicing before the D-day

You want to ensure that the entire celebration is a grand one, and there are no missed opportunities to capture some beautiful moments. If you are lucky enough to get the bridal party’s permission to practice some shots before the ceremony, take advantage of the opportunity. Before the big day, ensure that your drone is in proper working condition, and keep some batteries and spares handy, just in case you need them.

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Drone cinematography at its best

Most couples want the main highlights of the wedding to be shot dramatically. For instance, the bride walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the father-daughter dance, raising a toast to the newly wedded couple, all these are some of the magical moments of the celebration that evoke emotion. Use your drone effectively to capture these moments amazingly. Take a look at some shots which you could use for your next wedding project.

  • Aerial shots

You can capture the stunning views of the location/backdrop using this shot. The aerial shots can be used as the first shot for the wedding video. You could also use this to highlight dreamy shots of the couple looking into each other’s eyes.

  • Fly-down shot

Focus the venue from a higher altitude and fly down the drone in slow motion, creating an enthralling cinematic effect.

  • Fly-over shot

This shot is similar to the fly-down shot, but instead of panning down, use your drone to ‘fly-over’ the venue.

  • Tracking shot

This shot is perfectly synchronized with the movement of the subject. Since this shot involves ‘tracking’ the subject, it can be used as the entry shot of the bride’s and groom’s cars.

  • Angular shots

A shot of the couple walking by the beach hand in hand is pure classic. This can be captured when you shoot the footage from an angle, instead of above them. You can also use this style to capture the emotional moment when the father of the bride walks her down the aisle.

  • Reveal shot

Yet another dramatic shot, as far as drone cinematography is concerned, is the reveal shot. Pan your drone across the breathtaking views and slowly ‘reveal’ the subject – which could be the venue or the groom waiting for his bride.

  • Ascending shot

This shot focuses on the subject and slowly moves away revealing the lovely backdrop. You could use it at the end of the video, showing the couple walking or driving away.

If you’re running out of ideas, you could refer to some professional websites such as for exceptionally innovative ideas.

Creating a fun experience for the guests

Wedding guests are usually mesmerized by drones. Most of them would love to team up with you to do something amazing for the final video. Try something creative that will engage the wedding guests. They could all form a heart shape, or even form the letter LOVE.

Ensure the safety of the guests

Last but not the least, you need to ensure that you will be using your drone carefully, keeping in mind the safety of your guests. In other words, no close-ups! As a professional, you need to strictly follow the safety guidelines which have been regulated in the country for the use of drones. Some of the basic safety rules are to keep the flight time to the minimum and to fly only at higher altitudes. Please do not use your drone during bad weather.

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