Top 10 Craziest wedding destinations

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Unforgettable wedding destinations

Everyone wants to have a wedding that’s remembered for a lifetime. If you want an unforgettable wedding get inspired with these perfect and crazy wedding destinations & honeymoon and themes.

1. Space Weddings

Yes, there are two couples who have already hosted a wedding that was out of this world. Virgin Galactic hosts these weddings in zero gravity with the couple and two of their most loved people in space.

2. Under Water

Yes, Trang which is in Thailand hosts these rather unusual weddings where couples can exchange their vows under water. Around 30 couples have already done this so far.

3. Mount Everest:

Who ever thought that you could get married at the highest peak of Mount Everest. Well apparently you can, this tradition began in 2005 has a number of couples exchange their vows.

4. Grand Canyon:

Getting married at a World Heritage Site like the Grand Canyon is something that no one will forget. Attend this breath taking wedding experience which is conducted 8800ft high.

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5. Death Valley:

Planning a wedding in the desert might seem a little crazy but there are a number of couples who plan this rather creepy wedding in the ghost town of Ryholite.

6. Ice Hotel:

This destination takes the theme of a ‘White Wedding’ to a whole new level by ensuring everything about the wedding is white and covered in snow.

7. Tutbury Castle:

Considered one of the most haunted castles in UK, this destination has become a popular choice amongst couples to exchange vows. One of the most scary wedding destinations!

8. Daintree National Park:

If you’re looking for the ideal fairytale wedding this is one of the best places you can get married. With the beautiful waterfalls, flowers and natural surroundings, it makes a great place for a wedding.

9. Shark Tank:

As scary as it sounds, some divers actually take the plunge underwater surrounded by sharks. This has become quite a craze with amongst couples.

10. Singapore Zoo:

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, couples these days choose to get married amongst some rather unusual guest at Singapore Zoo. The zoo authorities also allow you to make a grand appearance by arriving on an elephant.

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