Top 3 Bridal Trends for 2016

If this is the year you’ll be planning your big day, or you just enjoy reading about wedding dresses and new trends, this article is for you!

Necklines, necklines
When your wedding dress has a great neckline which fits and compliments you perfectly – you’re already halfway there.

A classic, bateau neckline can never go out of style. They can make any bride look like a fairytale princess; sophisticated, classy and oh, so beautiful.

Plunging necklines are huge right now. They are also a little risque and not for everyone, but for the more adventurous and daring bride – they will add drama and pure sexiness to any wedding dress.


Wedding dresses covered in feathers are a huge statement this year. Fluttery, soft and delicate or big and dramatic – it’s your choice! Feathers will  really accent the wedding dress and add an extra dimension to it.


A two-piece suit is probably the most chic of them all – it’s formal, but casual; simply cool. These bridal suits are perfect for the more contemporary bride, although they are becoming increasingly popular in general. A lot of designers say bridal trousers are in support of marriage equality, so go for it!



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