Top 3 favorite Bridesmaid dresses for this season

Do you find it difficult to decide what bridesmaid dress to go for, if you are looking for suitable dresses for your girls don’t look any further! There is so much to choose from floor length, bright colors, dark colors and soft shades. A modern elegant look or fairytale like. A lot of brides go for purple or soft blush tones for their bridesmaids. But if you want to spice it up a little and do something different you will find these exciting dresses a breath of fresh air! Or ask your maids what color they like instead of deciding yourself. In this article you will find out what the latest craze is for your bridal party. Get inspired with our top 3 Bridesmaid Dresses Under £100 for this season.

  • Red is a bright color and complements the bride’s white wedding dress. It is more daring then the softer shades you usually see in bridesmaid dresses. Modern and feminine at the same time with a luxurious feel to it. If you want to make a statement this season go for a red bridesmaid dress!

bridesmaid dress

  • You can’t go wrong with white. It is soft, feminine and elegant and has a less dramatic feel to it. This dress with white lace details and a lovely waist belt in the middle will make any bridesmaid feel part of a romantic day! The great thing about white is that it works for any season, no matter if it’s winter or summer.


  • For a classic jet versatile look go for nude or light blush tones. I’m sure you noticed nude is a hot color on the runway and the red carpet. This elegant floor length nude color bridesmaid dress is lightweight and comfortable and has a stunning neck line. Perfect for a beach wedding.

    bridesmaid dress

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