Top 3 Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

One of the most exciting things in a woman’s life is when she receives a wedding proposal from a man of her dreams. Years back clarity enhanced diamonds in pear shaped engagement rings were virtually of but nowadays, every bride to be is choosing a pear shaped ring because of its timeless elegance. There are however different styles of pear shaped rings and for a man who is looking for a beautiful ring for his fiancée, the following styles of pear shaped engagement rings are great to consider.

1) This 14k gold yellow Diamond Accent Pear shaped Ring is available in size 7. You see a lot of celebrities these days with yellow gold engagement rings. If you want to stand out this is the ring for you.

pear shaped engagement ring

2) Diamond Pear Ring in 10k White Gold. This ring is a touch of brilliance with a clarity rating code of 12-13 and diamond color rating code H-1.

pear shaped ring, diamond peer ring

3) Blue is one of my favorite colors so I had to add this Royale Bleu Sapphire diamond ring to the list. It’s 14k white gold and has a beautiful blue Sapphire stone.  f you are looking for a ring that is out of the ordinary then this is the ring to buy. The exquisite design will make you to stand out.

engagement ring, pear shaped engagement ring

One fact you have to be aware of when purchasing a pear shaped ring is the pear should be cut the same on both sides all the way to the point. The point should be sharp and should have a v-shaped prong so that the tip won’t chip off.


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