Top 3 reasons why you should have a wedding video

To make your dream wedding complete you might think a photographer is the best option. But if you really want to relive your wedding with friends and family a wedding video should defenitely be added to your list of vendors. can help you relive this moment personalized to your style. With their award winning videographer you won’t miss any highlight of your special day. Still wonder why a wedding film will be the icing on the cake? We made a top 3 list why you won’t regret having a wedding videographer.

1) A wedding videographer can capture moments you missed

Think about the moments your other half spend preparing for the big day, wouldn’t it be fun to be able to see it? All these moments can be captured by a wedding videographer, a full day of coverage with your ceremony, a speech of a family member. According to surveys most couples regret when they don’t have a video of their special day.

2) Small moments can be captured with a wedding video

A wedding video allows you to see and hear everything. From the first dance, to the vows you exchanged and the expressions on your face. Your wedding day might feel like a blur after a while, with video you can relive these moments again. Moments you might have forgotten otherwise. Don’t forget a wedding day can be over in a flash and as a busy bride you might not pay attention to the details.

4) You can send it to friends and family who where not able to attend your wedding

Do you have friends or family members that couldn’t be there on your big day? Maybe they live overseas and couldn’t attend your wedding. With a wedding video you have something that can make them feel part of it even though they wheren’t physically there. If you have kids or planning to have kids in the future you will be able to show them one of the most special days in your life. A wedding isn’t complete with a wedding videographer!

Amber & Luke Wedding Video Popcorn Films from Popcorn Films Wedding Video on Vimeo.


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