Top 5 Nature Honeymoons

nature honeymoon

After months of planning your wedding and surviving the big day, it is finally the time to unwind and enjoy the married life. This is what honeymoon is for. For most people, there is no doubt about where they should go and about the nature of their honeymoon. It is almost always a romantic and luxurious resort on the beach. But what if you want a different kind of honeymoon, more focused on the nature than on the luxury? There are some destinations that can fulfill your wishes. Here are five of them, and some bonus tips to make your nature honeymoon even better.

Lake Tahoe, California

nature honeymoon

California is much more than sunny beaches and hot bikinis. Lake Tahoe is considered to be America’s finest lake, and for good reason. It is the largest alpine lake in the U.S. and it offers tons of fun activities, both for warm and cold weather. In the summer, you can go kayaking, swimming and windsurfing, while in the winter, you can go for skiing or on a zip line adventure. There are so many beautiful things to see in the area, such as Emerald Bay State Park, Taylor Creek Visitor Center, Pope Beach and Adventure Mountain.

Connemara, Ireland

nature honeymoon

Oh, Ireland, the land of the innumerous shades of green. Nothing beats nature like this. Connemara is famous for its unspoiled environment, natural terrain and friendly welcoming locals. Even though it may not seem so, Connemara offers an activity-packed nature honeymoon, which includes archery, zip wire, horse riding, scuba diving, etc. And since you are here, you can try the delicious local cuisine.

Tuscany, Italy
nature honeymoon

When someone says ‘Italy’ your first idea is probably Rome or Venice, but there is another part of this beautiful country that you should consider for your honeymoon, especially if you love nature, and that is Tuscany. Tuscany offers breathtaking sceneries, amazing villas, some of the world’s finest wines and splendid Renaissance-era architecture. While you’re there, you can visit marvelous Italian cities such as Florence, Naples and Siena.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

nature honeymoon

The dramatic thundering of the falls might be the most magnificent thing you will see in your life, so why shouldn’t the first trip in your marriage be the first time you will see this? Want another reason to visit? Allegedly, the falling waters create negative ions, which then produce natural endorphins and serve as an aphrodisiac and make people fall deeper in love. Besides the fun activities such as boat rides, hiking and sightseeing, you can also take pleasure in romantic wine tours, play golf and relax at a spa.


nature honeymoon

A nature honeymoon doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a beach honeymoon. After all, beaches are some of nature’s best creations. The warm clear water and the swaying palms are jaw-dropping, and the entire experience is completed with mesmerizing local culture. Fiji also satisfies your sense of adventure with activities like snorkeling, rafting and parasailing, but it still leaves room for romance and relaxation.

What to pack?

nature honeymoon

Nature honeymoons are unlike the standard honeymoon packages people are used to. It is possible, depending on your accommodation, that you won’t get a lot of perks when it comes to self care. Because of the different climates, your skin may be exposed to harm, and you should definitely pack an efficient skin serum, which will protect you against sun and wind damage. Depending on your chosen destination, you should pack weather-appropriate clothes and footwear (e.g. for Niagara Falls, you might need waterproof boots and a rain coat). Still, you should always pack light, since the meaning of your travel is adventure and being unburdened with mundane things.

How to plan everything?

nature honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon can be challenging. The following few tips can help you get as close to perfection as possible:

  • Ensure your budget by signing up for a honeymoon registry.
  • To get the best offer, book early.
  • Hire a travel concierge to do the thinking for you.
  • If you really like some destination, but it is very expensive, consider waiting until the off season for better savings.
  • Research the local prices, activities and the places to see before you go.
  • Speak up about your newlywed status. Many hotels are willing to give you significant discounts or other perks for your honeymoon.

Now all you need to do is discuss with your partner about these nature-loving destinations and find one that suits both of you. In the end, compromise, besides love, is the foundation of every good marriage.

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