Top 5 Style rules for the mismatched bridesmaids dress trend

mismatched bridesmaids dress

“The mismatched bridesmaids dress is here to stay, a less traditional, fun and convenient option for the bride and the bridesmaids who don’t have to wear a uniform outfit which they might not like.”

Let’s face it, not all body structures are the same and while a certain design might look great on one bridesmaid, it might look bad on the other. This makes the bridesmaids uncomfortable and while they will wear the dress on your wedding day, it’s going to be in their wardrobe without ever using it again. If you’re looking for the mismatched bridesmaids dress option, here are 5 tips that will ensure your bridesmaids turn out to look amazing.

Don’t Mess With The Length: Discuss with all your bridesmaids and choose a length that is fine with everyone. The long short combination doesn’t work well with bridesmaids and the pictures will come out shabby.

Don’t Incorporate Too Many Changes: Always use the same fabric, color and overall design. Changes such as necklines and sleeves are fine, but too many changes will make them all look very different from one another.

Keep The Color Constant: While you can experiment with the styles, do not change the color of the dresses. Choose the fabric for your bridesmaids to ensure everyone has the same color.

Keep The Options Limited: It’s your day, and although you’re compromising on letting them wear dresses they like, limit the options to about 2 or 3 designs. This can help you get a few bridesmaids with the same pattern which will look good when they all stand together.

Use The Same Designer: Do not let your bridesmaids design their dresses on their own. Make sure one designer does all your bridesmaids dresses. This will help them look similar to each other.

mismatched bridesmaids dress




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