Top 5 Things Your Guests Will Remember from Your Wedding Day

It’s your big day and of course, you want everything to be perfect. However, not all wedding extras are worth the splurge.

Here’s what your wedding guests will remember the most from your big day, i.e. what you need to make sure is flawless.

The look of the venue


Without a doubt, the venue where the wedding takes place will make a significant impact on the general atmosphere on your big day.

When the guests first arrive, their first reaction will be to look around and absorb every little detail of the venue. Surely, you want to impress them, so be sure to take some time to find the venue that goes best with the style of your wedding. If your wedding is indoors, choose a room that looks stunning even without all the embellishments to secure a perfect ambiance. If it’s an outdoor wedding, be sure to tell that to the guests in advance, so they can choose suitable footwear.

How tasty the food and drinks were


One element of the wedding that is sure to get everyone talking is the choice of food and drinks.

The truth is, no one’s going to pay too much attention to your table decor if you put a mouthwatering dish in front of them. If you’re hiring a caterer or your venue is in charge of food, ask them about their specialty, something they love making. As for the drinks, you can’t go wrong with an open bar – it’s what everybody will be looking forward to! Good bites and booze are crowd-pleasers, and if there’s something you should splurge on your big day, this is it.

Stunning wedding photos


Aside from wedding favors, the photos are basically the only take-home gifts for your guests, so you want to make them special.

Instead of splurging on all the extras your guests probably won’t even notice, invest in a good photographer whose previous work you’ve checked out beforehand. Pre-wedding photoshoots are on the rise in countries like Australia, with many couples choosing scenic places as a backdrop for their engagement photography sessions. Couples there can easily check out the best places for Melbourne wedding photos and videos and hire pros to take fun and memorable pre-wedding and wedding snaps. Pictures tell a thousand words, especially if they’re taken by experienced photographers. Moreover, they capture beautiful fragments of this once-in-a-lifetime event you and your guests will cherish long after your big day.

Great music = great atmosphere


The tunes you choose to play at your wedding will also affect your guests’ mood and overall impression.

Your wedding day is when you want everyone around you to be happy and have a good time, and creating a great playlist is sure to help you with that. Your guests should be engaged and encouraged to dance and mingle, so take some time to find a great DJ or a band, depending on your preferences. Give them a list of your favorite tunes and make sure there’s something for everyone. Also, don’t forget to give them the list of songs you don’t want them to play – if you hire a good DJ or band, you won’t have to worry because they’ll read the crowd and act accordingly.

The guest list and the seating arrangement


Coming up with a great seating chart and guest list are two crucial steps. Why? Because people remember who they sat with and where, and this can either make it or break it.

You want to put people with similar interests at the same table, and take some time to think your guest list through. The last thing you want on your big day are conflicts because of past disputes or people getting bored, so keep these things in mind.

Throwing a memorable wedding is a dream come true for many. However, you want to avoid putting too much effort into things that don’t really matter to your guests. Instead, splurge on things they’ll remember the most after the big day and focus more on creating beautiful memories – they’re the ones both you and your guests will cherish for years to come.

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