Top 5 Unique Bridal Jewelry For Your Special Day

Dreaming about your magical day might be something you’ve done since you were just a child. This is why every detail of your wedding day should be thoughtfully considered. But it’s not just about the big details like your dress, the venue, and the cover band you hired; you need to consider the small details of your wedding day as well, like your makeup and jewelry. Having the right accessories that mirror your unique personality will make you feel your best. Check out these top 5 unique pieces of jewelry for your special day.

The Perfect Bridal Earrings

Ensuring your perfect look may include having some fun bridal earrings. Depending on how you’re wearing your hair, you may opt for some simple studs that show off a glinting and beautiful pop of color or sheen, or you may opt for long, dangly earrings that really make a statement. When looking for the best wedding jewelry for a bride, you can also add bridal earrings featuring the words “I do” or “Bride” or that color coordinate with your wedding colors.


bridal earrings

Depending on the style and neckline of your dress, a necklace may be the ideal accessory to add to your bridal look! A great way to include some color in your outfit is through your necklace choice. Maybe choose a gorgeous sapphire to cover your need for “something blue,” or select some gorgeous pearls from a family member to cover your need for “something borrowed.” Another option is to layer your necklaces with different styles and lengths for a stunning look that’s sure to wow.

Gemstones Never Go Out of Style

There are easy ways to complement your gorgeous white dress on your wedding day, and those can include your garter, your shoes, and even your jewelry. By choosing brightly-colored gemstone jewelry, you can add pops of red, blue, purple, or any color you desire. The great thing about gemstone rings, necklaces, or bracelets is that they glam up your outfit and also add color pops for gorgeous pictures. Go ahead and get wild with your gemstones, and allow those bright green emeralds, light blue topaz, or shimmering opals to do the work for you.

Bracelets or Anklets

When it’s your wedding day, there is no reason to hold back. Adding jewelry to your ears and neck is quite traditional, but you can also glam up your entire body by opting for fun bracelets or anklets (or both) as well. Savvy brides find ways to add color and sparkle to their entire body with well-placed and timeless pieces of jewelry. Opt for comfortable but gorgeous and fun bracelets and anklets to spice up your body from head to toe.


A great way to make sure you’re showing off your ideal style is to choose the right tiara or headpiece on your wedding day. Tiaras aren’t just sparkling gold or silver pieces anymore; they can be antiqued and colorful, bold and brightly colored, or simple and aesthetic. Whatever your favorite, a tiara or headpiece can help you showcase the style you desire. Plus, they make your pictures really pop and help the day be more memorable.

Make Sure the Day is Yours

Whatever you choose to wear or accessorize your look with, make sure your wedding day is special and unique to you. Choose pieces and attire you’ll feel beautiful in and will love in your pictures for decades to come. Plus, take advantage of how easy it is to add spritzes of color to your outfit with the right jewelry choices, and you’ll be glamorously showcasing your style the entire day. Enjoy your day, brides!

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