Top Bridal Accessories You Need for Your Wedding

A wedding is the most exciting thing to plan for. It can also be a lot to put together. Here’s a list of bridal accessories you need for your wedding.

Planning a wedding is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. So many tiny details go into your big day to make it a perfect occasion. Whether you want a minimal wedding or a big celebration, there are countless decisions to make. We’ve made a list of the top bridal accessories you need for your wedding. You’re bound to find something you love.

Jackets and Shawls

Depending on the season in which you’re planning your wedding, a jacket or shawl could make your big day stand out from others. A light-colored jacket can pair well with white, and a patterned shawl can hang off your shoulders in the perfect manner. You could choose to wear your outerwear during the ceremony or anytime afterward for pictures or to meet guests.

Clutch or Purse

Having a small clutch on hand helps you keep your essentials next to you the entire time. The purse or clutch doesn’t have to be big, just large enough to hold the things you need. Many brides put a mini deodorant or spare lipstick and lip gloss in the clutch for emergencies.

Ring Bearer Pillow

This bridal accessory you need for your wedding isn’t one you probably thought of. You can create a unique DIY ring bearer pillow to make a superb addition to any wedding. Guests will go crazy over the adorable child walking down the aisle with the rings. You could even keep the pillow afterward as a keepsake.

Veil or Cape

Every bride knows what a veil is, but have you ever heard of a wedding cape? The same material from the veil forms the cape, but it hangs off your shoulders like a shawl. It provides elegance and sophistication to your already beautiful gown.

You may already feel nearly finished planning your wedding day, but don’t forget to add a few elements that take it to new heights. Not only will these accessories add style to your wedding, but they’ll also serve as functional items. Try out different designs to find the right fit for you and your partner.

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