Top Ten Best Wedding Planning Tips

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Getting married is an experience that many have admired but the reality is exchanging vows is a nerve cracking experience. Wedding day is an important day for both (bride and groom) thus it should be properly organized and maintained so that every process runs smoothly without cracks. The following tips will help your wedding plans a complete breeze.

Planning Your Dress
Don’t pop in bridal shops first but the best way to search for your bridal gown is to try out some party dresses. This will allow you to experiment different fabrics and also work on parts of the body you are okay with rather than you’d have disguised them.

Planning the Venue
There are some venues which appear big on paper to accommodate number of people and in reality they aren’t. The venue you chose should accommodate a number of guests, live band, catering and everything including parking.

Planning for your shoes
Before your big day it is good to wear your shoes before to ensure you’re comfy with them. This will help you to avoid blisters. I know you would like to keep them pristine but you can only wear them in your house. Notify your hubby what you are up to so that he doesn’t peek!

Planning your Gift List
Buy home décor and interior design magazines. Go through them and decide on a style and build your gift list around the items you need.

Planning Thank You
Get personal on this. Flowers will wither and jewelry isn’t just that personal. A framed engagement photograph or a customized playlist is something that will remind your loved ones of this special day.

Planning for Your Guests
It’s good for your guests to know each other. The best way to do this is to place a fact line about each guest at the back of their place card (the line can be about the soccer team each support etc) and ask them to share. Make that line amusing so as to get them socializing.

Planning for the Budget
This is the most important thing. When setting your budget don’t forget the cost of your honeymoon. If you are less on budget use sites like  as a gift list. You’ll find guests who will contribute to your flight, accommodation etc.

Do Rehearsal
Rehearsal will help to calm down your nerves. Do a run through the week before the material day. This will help you know how long it will take from home to the venue, to get changed etc.

Plan for the Weather
Adhere to the forecast. You can ask ushers to carry old towels to wipe the floor once guests get seated so that your gown doesn’t end up covered in mud. Remember to carry some umbrellas just in case it starts to shower on your way to church, you cover yourself.

Delegate some Duties
You only have one pair of hands and therefore delegate some duties to an arty friend to design your invitations, bake your cake etc. this will save you tons of cash.

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