Top Tips for Dressing for a Winter Wedding

winter wedding

Will you be attending a winter wedding this year, and do you feel at a loss for what to wear? Read on to explore top tips for dressing for a winter wedding.

Dressing for a winter wedding can be trickier than dressing for a warm-weather one. Most marriages happen during the spring and summer, but it’s good to have a few ideas for when you’re invited to a wedding during the winter. Enjoy these top tips for dressing for a winter wedding.

Make Sure Shorter Dresses Have Sleeves

Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you have to discount short dresses when you’re deciding what to wear. Short dresses are practical for weddings because they make it easier to move around while dancing the night away.

It’s best to choose short dresses with sleeves to help keep yourself warm throughout the day and into the evening. Aim for a dress in a thick material and a darker color. It is winter, after all.

Opt for a Jumpsuit

 If you’re having trouble deciding which outfit is best, try a jumpsuit! A jumpsuit is a versatile and nontraditional outfit that is a fabulous option to wear to a winter wedding. You’ll always look chic and stylish.

If it’s a sleeveless or short-sleeved jumpsuit, pair it with a blazer or shawl to keep your upper body warm. 

Wear a Statement Coat

What’s challenging about dressing up during the winter is staying warm and looking stylish. Designers have created amazingly fashionable coats to take your look over the top without sacrificing warmth.

Pro Tip

If you’ll be spending any significant amount of time outside, ensure you’re wearing a warm coat and know how to protect the bottom of your dress.

Try Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are typically associated with spring and summer, but who says you can’t enjoy floral in the winter? Shy away from the bright and vibrant flowery patterns. Look for flowers that are darker in tone, such as burgundy roses or navy blue flowers. Pair it with a suede clutch and booties, and you’re good to go for the evening.

Suit Up

You don’t have to wear a dress to a wedding. There are amazingly gorgeous suits options available on the market. Perhaps you already have a suit in your closet that you’ve been dying to wear.

Don’t Shy Away From Black

Wearing black to a wedding in the summer is a no-no. But during the winter, black is a welcomed dress color. Still, keep in mind that you want to look chic, not somber. Opt for lacey or sequined black dresses with a nice pair of black heels or booties.

Pay Attention to Your Footwear

A malfunction is bound to happen if you don’t wear the proper footwear to a winter wedding. You can slip and fall or freeze your toes if you wear open-toed shoes. A fancy pair of knee-high boots is an excellent and fashionable choice.

Follow these top tips for dressing for a winter wedding, and you’re sure to be warm, chic, and fashionable. You’ll feel like a winter wedding guest pro.

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