Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Are you dreaming about a breathtaking venue for your wedding but can’t find anything up to the mark? Have you scrolled through a plethora of wedding websites and haven’t felt like saying, “I do” in any of the available locales?

Maybe it’s time to completely drop the idea of a venue whatsoever and plan an outdoor wedding party to remember. If this sounds like a good plan, keep reading to learn more about the must-do tasks for planning an outdoor wedding.


Think About the Weather

Unless you live in a country with a perfect climate all year long, organising an outdoor wedding will require careful planning. The first thing to pay attention to is part of the year when the weather in your country is most suitable for an outdoor party.

Furthermore, even if you manage to pick the month with the lowest probability of precipitation, always have a plan B in case mother nature suddenly has a change of heart.

Take Care of Lavatories

While an outdoor wedding can indeed be an exceptional event, do not forget that it still includes a lot of food and drinks. That said, it is vital that your guests have access to lavatories and don’t end up leaving the party early.

If you had in mind to set a party on a beach or in the forest with literally nothing around, you can always rent portable lavatories. Just make sure to put this on your to-do list so that you don’t forget about it.

Organise Pest Control

To stay on the safe side and celebrate your wedding without any unwanted guests, you might consider checking for any pests in the area where the celebration will take place. Depending on the time and place of your outdoor wedding, nasty insects such as mosquitos could ruin all the fun and leave you and your guests covered in red spots.

So, to prevent this from happening, organise a pest control a few days before the wedding and get rid of any insects if necessary.

Provide Electricity

Apart from the food, drinks, and beautiful decoration, you will also need music and lighting to make your outdoor wedding perfect. Naturally, this will require electric power available throughout the whole event so that everything can go as planned.

The best way to provide electricity would be to get it from any building nearby. However, if there are no buildings around from which you can get the electric power, don’t panic — you can always rent generators strong enough to power your tiny light bulbs as well as your music band or a DJ.

Plan Your Outfit

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding and suit for the groom is usually one of the top tasks on every bride’s list. However, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you can’t just go with any dress you want.

Carefully inspect the wedding area and think about the kind of a dress that can survive the party without getting damaged. Also, you need to pick the right shoes so you can dance on your wedding day like never before.

Relax and Enjoy

Although a good plan can save you the trouble on your wedding day, don’t let anything ruin this day for you and your loved one. Do everything you can in advance, but once the wedding day comes, just relax and enjoy it as much as you can. After all, it is, hopefully, once in a lifetime party!

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