Top Tips For The Groom To Be


So he plucked up the courage to give you the best proposal, and you said yes! But what next? There are plenty of resources for the bride to be, but what about the groom? What are the things a groom needs to focus on to make sure that the day goes without any hiccups and really is the best day of your lives? Well here are a few tips that may point him in the right direction if you aren’t sure where to start!

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Best Man

So it’s traditional for the groom to have a best man and this is a pretty big deal, this person will be by your side during the wedding planning at your stag do, at the venue the morning of the wedding, beside you at the altar and right there telling everyone your most embarrassing moments at the reception when he gives the all-important best man speech. So it’s worth carefully considering this person. A lot of people choose their best friend, or some people want their brother as their best man, but at the end of the day, you need to be comfortable with whoever that person is since they are going to be a big part of your day.


Your bride to have probably told you already what the colour scheme for the wedding is going to be right? But what exactly has that got to do with your suits? Well, the answer is EVERYTHING! Of course if the colour scheme it orange you aren’t expected to turn up looking like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (unless that’s the theme too, it is 2019, stranger things have happened!), but you will be expected to choose something the ‘goes’, either contrasting or complementing the colour you’ve been given if you weren’t involved in the decision making that is! It’s worth researching some mens tailored suits as well if you haven’t already, you must feel comfortable on your big day so make sure your suit fits well!


Another job that is traditionally the groom’s responsibility is looking after the rings on the big day, the best man is usually given the massive responsibility of carrying the rings and making sure they are ready at the exact moment they are needed during the ceremony. Don’t worry as even though you may have heard plenty of horror stories about the best man losing the ring, mostly it’s okay, and if you choose the perfect best man then you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Your Speech

Don’t think you can leave your best man to it when it comes to speeches, you have to make sure your speech leaves everyone laughing and crying at the end, no pressure there then! Of course, don’t forget to thank everyone that has helped with the big day, and above all, tell your new wife how amazing she actually looks! Because trust us when we say she will have put an awful lot of time and effort into looking her absolute best on your wedding day!

Above all, enjoy the preparations with your partner and have some fun with it. This is a celebration of your love for one another, so keep that in mind and your ‘happily ever after’ will be off to a good start!

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