Top Tips To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Add style and functionality to your kitchen with these top tips to update your kitchen cabinets. Most of these projects you can tackle yourself.

Are you looking to give your builder-grade cabinets a makeover? Look no further! We’ve got the top tips to update your kitchen cabinets that will leave you satisfied.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting the cabinets yourself is a relatively simple task, but it’s time-consuming. Discover an accent color that you love and paint your island cabinets, or go bold and paint all the cabinets with a bright blue. Bringing new life to old cabinets will freshen up your kitchen.

Make sure you have set aside a few days, like a weekend, to tackle the project, and you’ve selected the right paint for the job.

Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a fabulous way to bring variety into your kitchen without the lifetime commitment. Apply it to the back of the cabinet for pops of color and pattern when you open the cabinet door. You can use the removable wallpaper for the bottom of cabinet drawers too.

Crown Molding

If you’re like me and wonder what you’re supposed to do with the open space between your cabinets and ceiling, then this is the solution for you. Install crown molding along the top of the cabinets for a touch of sophistication and class.

Add Beadboard

A fun way to dress up your old kitchen island cabinets or the front of a few cabinets is to add beadboard. It’s a paneling used to add texture to otherwise plain surfaces. Beadboard is a great way to fancy up your old, boring cabinets before you paint.

Swap Boring Hardware

One of the quickest and easiest tips to update your kitchen cabinets is to change out the boring and outdated hardware. Head to your favorite local hardware store to pick out your new knobs or pulls for your cabinets. You can quickly learn how to install the new hardware, and then before you know it, you’ll be done!

Remove a Few Doors

Do you enjoy the look of open shelving but don’t feel ready to commit to removing the cabinet? This idea is an excellent compromise! You don’t have to remove all of your cabinet doors, but exposing a few will update the look in no time. You can display all your beautiful matching dishes and cake platters.

Sliding Shelves

Don’t let custom kitchens keep all the functionality you crave. Install roll-out shelves in the bottom cabinets for quick and easy access to heavier objects like your stand mixer or slow cooker.

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