The True Value of Professional Wedding Photography

wedding photography

If you’re really looking for a luxury wedding experience, then you can’t miss out on having professional photographers (and for more reasons than just needing a bridal shot for your profile picture).

Any wedding industry expert will emphasize the importance of having an amazing photographer present to get every tear, embarrassing moment and spectacular accident captured in time. But with the continuous development of smartphones and high-quality photo-booths, more people are questioning the value of professional wedding photography and how it plays a part in their special day.

wedding photography

La V image Wedding Photography

I’ll be the first to admit, photo-booths are equally ridiculous and marvelous. You are sure to get the best photo of your drunk aunt, and maybe see a little too many feather boas, but what about the moment in between the excitement? That moment when your grandmother asked your mother for a tissue, or the look your flower girl gave her father when she had done a successful job?

I spend a lot of my time looking at wedding photos, and the ones that stun me the most are the ones when they look as if they’re caught in between two worlds; like the people in the photo are lost in a moment together. Emotion can make you feel that way, love can make you feel that way, and art should make you feel that way. To professional photographers, the wedding day is more than a job; it’s a backdrop to create something beautiful that centers around you!

Unfortunately, we can’t all be photographers (though I can keep trying different filters on VSCO cam). The value of getting our wedding photographs taken by a professional is the same value that comes with watching a movie on Netflix instead of trying to make our own film. Call it skill, call it talent – but good wedding photographers know how to create a world inside a photo. One that will bring back the sensations and events that shaped your special day. The true value of professional wedding photography? It’s timeless.

wedding photography

La V image Wedding Photography

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