Tying the Knot: Tips for Maintaining Your Engagement Ring

With the right tips for maintaining your engagement ring, you can ensure this precious piece is always in top condition. Get bridal secrets here!

After saying yes to a romantic proposal, you’ll want to wear your ring everywhere, and no one can blame you. That fine piece of jewelry looks beautiful! Of course, you still want your ring to look perfect, especially when the big day finally arrives and you get to walk down the aisle. With a couple of tips for maintaining your engagement ring, you’ll keep this piece of fine jewelry looking great as you prepare to tie the knot!

Clean Your Ring

If you wear your ring every day, it may get a little dirty because of the dust and dirt floating around in the air. To maintain that beautiful shine, most experts recommend cleaning your ring. As you do this, avoid harsh chemicals, as they could ruin the piece. Instead, fill a bowl with a bit of warm water and mild soap, then allow your ring to soak. If necessary, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove grime then allow it to air dry.

Know When To Remove It

While you may want to wear your ring every day, this could lead to damage during certain tasks. For example, if you plan to do an activity that requires heavy lifting or you’re about to go to the gym, you should take your ring off. While diamonds are durable, they’re not indestructible, and knocking your hand around could lead to the gemstone chipping.

Pro Tip

Anytime you take your ring off, place it in a secure location such as a ring box or dish to prevent it from getting lost.

Make Sure It Fits

Various factors can change the way a ring fits. If you’re a bit bloated, it may feel tighter, which can occur due to your exercise routine, the seasons, or various other factors. Luckily, ring resizing is among the most common types of jewelry repairso finding an expert capable of correcting this shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Check the Ring

Whether you’ve just cleaned your engagement ring or taken it off, you should give it a once-over. Make sure the prongs still appear in top condition; loose prongs won’t keep the center gem secure, which could mean a pricier repair.

Get Ring Insurance

The final tip for maintaining your engagement ring is to get it insured. This may sound a little strange to someone newly engaged, but ring insurance protects your pocketbook and jewelry. Often, this helps cover repair fees or the price of a replacement should you need one. Your ring is no different than any other major purchase, and by insuring it, you keep it safe.

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