UK Frameworks visual based media company specialized in luxury weddings

A wedding is a very special day that you have been looking forward to for months. Having photos is of course great for collecting memories. Both for now and for later. The advantage of videos is that you can relive the entire moment in detail. Of course, videos are often made with a mobile phone or something similar, but this is of lower quality.

That’s why we are so excited to introduce UK Frameworks a visual based media company based in the UK providing Photography, Video, Graphics and Animation services to businesses and wedding couples across the world. They have the right equipment to make and edit high-quality videos. With their service they provide bespoke and well known wedding Photography & Wedding Videography. The result of this is a beautiful video that is still fun to watch after years. The atmosphere is also well displayed for people who were not present.

Every wedding is different, not only because of the people but also because of the location, the weather and the clothing. Therefore, hiring a professional photographer and videographer will be best if you want to capture this special day.  UK Frameworks records you as a bridal couple, but also family, friends and colleagues. During a wedding there is laughter, crying and personal moments. It can of course happen that a certain family member or friend cannot be present. This way you can still clearly visualize through video material. With photos you naturally tell a story, but this is different from watching a video with your own eyes.

While there are many amateur videographers and photographers professionals like UK Frameworks have years of experience filming these events. When editing, enough tricks can be used to make the video perfect.

They have been featured in popular news articles and won awards with clients from all over the world. UK Frameworks is dedicated to deliver the best work possible.


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