Unforgettable Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Couples

While the wedding celebration itself might have been the most beautiful day of your life, a relaxing honeymoon with your loved one is more than welcome after such a stressful and time-consuming period of wedding planning. But what happens now? How can you ensure you are fully prepared for the vacation to come without going down the anxiety rabbit hole once again? Thankfully, this ultimate honeymoon packing checklist will allow you and your new spouse to bring everything you might need in order to have a relaxing and enjoyable honeymoon.

Ensure necessary documents are prepared

Of course, every trip requires some essential documents conveniently stored in your carry-on, and a honeymoon should be no different. This should include everything from IDs, passports and credit cards to boarding passes, hotel reservations, and travel insurance, as well as any other documents you might need on your vacation.

However, it would also be a good idea to bring your marriage certificate with you on your honeymoon, as many hotels and restaurants are willing to offer wonderful discounts or even complementary services to newlyweds. As long as you’re not afraid to subtly hint you are on your honeymoon wherever you go, you might get some special perks and treats you wouldn’t be able to count on otherwise.

Invest in some romantic accessories

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Whether you’re spending your honeymoon in an exciting exotic destination or on a calming cruise, it will undoubtedly be a memorable vacation with your loved one that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. So, why not take a few additional steps to make your honeymoon even more special?

For example, you can make a playlist of meaningful couple songs, bring some essential oils to give each other relaxing massages, or even prepare a few small gifts to surprise each other on the trip. As no honeymoon is complete without some newlywed bedroom action, consider investing in a couple of new sexy lingerie sets to make the experience even more exciting. It would also be a great idea to buy sex toys before your honeymoon, and experience new forms of pleasure together as a married couple.

Stock up on essential clothing items

Even though the definition of a honeymoon can mean a number of different things to different couples, most of them will require similar clothing that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. You and your spouse should focus on packing 2-3 bottoms, such as shorts, skirts and trousers, 4-5 casual tops, as well as at least one outerwear option to cater to the weather.

Remember to bring at least two pairs of footwear like sandals, sneakers or dress shoes, depending on your destination, and make it a point to pack a couple of fancier outfits for those romantic nights out with your loved one. Depending on the type of honeymoon you have planned, don’t forget to pack some activity-specific items as well, whether that means swimsuits, cover-ups and sunhats, or rain jackets, hiking shoes and backpacks.

Don’t forget about the toiletries

honeymoon packing checklist

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While toiletries might be an everyday essential you simply can’t live without, a honeymoon will require something more than just soap, toothpaste and your toothbrushes. For example, you should both bring razors to stay neat and groomed for each other, as well as a fragrance to smell gorgeous every day. Apart from the skincare products you use in your daily routines, pack your favorite makeup items to look put-together when going out, and always pack sunscreen, regardless of the climate. Lastly, don’t forget tissues and wet wipes for quick clean-ups, as well as essential sanitary items, just in case.

No matter which type of vacation you have planned, this ultimate honeymoon packing checklist will ensure you are fully prepared for your honeymoon, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful experience to the fullest.

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