Unique Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is the first thing that helps tie your wedding together. Here are some expert ways to decorate your wedding invitations.

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re probably excited to begin planning the day of your dreams. One of the best moments during the wedding planning process is choosing all the beautiful details and seeing them come together. Look no further if you’re looking for creative and unique ways to decorate your wedding invitations. Whether you want to get your invitations professionally done or go the DIY route, we have seven new ideas for you!

Foil Embossed Invitations

Foil embossed wedding invitations evoke luxury and glamour. If your wedding invitations are plain and you want to add subtle bling, you should consider adding metallic color foil. But, remember, sometimes less is more!

Vinyl Record Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations don’t have to be traditional. If you and your partner are huge music fans and have an extensive vinyl collection, you should consider making your wedding invitation a vinyl record! Use Side A for the wedding date, time, and location, and use Side B for reception details.

Dried Flowers Invitations

Floral wedding invitations are always a beautiful look. Instead of screen printing your florals, you can use natural, pressed dried flowers. By using real flowers, you can upgrade and personalize your invitations. Each invitation will be unique in its own special way.

Vintage Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

Another non-traditional way to create wedding invitations is by using vintage handkerchiefs to invite your guests. This unique invitation will be unforgettable. This wedding invitation is versatile for all seasons, and each handkerchief can be special in its own way. You can easily screen print your wedding details on the handkerchief in pretty fonts.

DIY Watercolor Invitations

Watercolor paints are easy ways to make your invitations stand out from others with minimal effort. You can use different color combinations to fit your wedding colors.

Monogrammed Envelope Liner

A unique way to decorate your wedding invitation is to illustrate the envelope liner with interlocking letters. Fashion brands like Chanel and Gucci have used monograms to show off and take pride in their brand. You and your soon-to-be partner can design your initials together to create a unique stamp.

Stitched Wedding Invitation

Add cute and fuzzy yarn accents to a plain wedding invitation to upgrade your stationery. Wrap the yarn around the envelope to add a slight detail. We recommend choosing a textured material for your invitation and envelope and soft-colored ink to bring everything together.

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