Upcoming Summer Fashion Trends to Follow on Your Honeymoon

Fashion shows at the end of the previous year hinted at the trends that are going to be prominent this year, but we couldn’t wait to see what the warmer seasons would bring. It seems as if fashion designers continued experimenting, exploring, and elaborating on the ideas that made them famous. On the other hand, they also focused more on female empowerment than ever before, and it’s exactly this embracing of female strength and celebrating femininity that marked this year’s summer high fashion trends.

Where past meets future

Louis Vuitton’s own Nicolas Ghesquiere stood out with his innovative approach and unexpected combinations in his SS19 collection. He truly managed to combine the past with the future and he ended up creating a collection with amazing cuts and bold prints that left everyone mesmerized. Their silhouettes are new and innovative, and he experimented more in this collection than he ever did before. He combined materials boldly: lace, leather and cotton layered in such way that it’s impossible to miss them. Leather jackets with asymmetrical cuts, patterned overalls, pointy shoes and lacquered leather bags emphasized his eye for detail, and this summer we’ll see pieces inspired by his collection for sure.

Beach look

Photo by Tabea Damm on Unsplash

Chanel couldn’t resist showing their absolute love for the season – their models were barefoot, casually strolling down the beach-like runway, and everyone loved it. They also paid homage to their beginnings by sporting their iconic print on a number of pieces, a move that a lot of other designers embraced as well. Vintage influences are also prevalent, and oversized accessories in the form of big earrings with retro bikini bottoms and bathing suits are going to be seen everywhere.

Bold-colored suits

One of the items that every woman has to have is a nice suit. Not only is it professional and elegant, but it’s versatile and feminine too, and men and women alike have at least one that they know they can always wear. Still, this summer we’re in for a treat – Haider Ackermann dared to create a collection where he combined men’s and women’s collections. While his color palette might have been limited, the shades he chose were bold and flattering, and the models wore mixed and matched pieces. It seems like this summer, you’ll be able to borrow men’s pieces and rock them as a part of your own outfit.

Modern day hippie

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Neo boho was a trend that shyly emerged a couple of summers ago, but that quickly took root, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. Not only do women love the chance to wear flowy, light pieces made of natural materials, but the fact that maxi dresses, wide leg pants and oversized tees are in style truly make a difference. What is more, it seems that the tie-dye trend has stopped being something that only aging hippies do – Prada and Dior have incorporated tie-dye pieces in their fashion shows, and we’re in love! Dior’s thin-strapped maxi dresses that models wear over long-sleeved mesh shirts have left us breathless, but we still suggest you leave the shirt behind because you’ll be too hot.

Every season brings something new, and it looks like the summer before us is going to be bold, bright, elegant, feminine, and above all – stylish. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Alexander McQueen’s bold combinations of lace and leather or you’re in love with Balenciaga’s oversized dress shirts – feel free to look for inspiration in many different places and try different things because that’s exactly what each of the designers we mentioned here do.

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