Ups and Downs of Middle Age Dating


No matter what they tell you – being middle aged is not at all that bad. Sure, the boobs are sagging (sorry about the language) and you may need to squeeze in a few extra hours of sleep to even begin to feel rested but hey – there are plenty of perks too – especially when we are talking about our personal accomplishments, confidence and a willingness to indulge in life.

From where I’m coming from – the gals are hot, the guys are amazing, everyone’s focused on making the best of it and the thrill is almost palpable! Most of us have sent our kids to college, so it’s time we’ve made up for some of the time lost… Oh, stop the judgment; you know you want it, too!

Say YES to the date

These days, things are pretty simple. Those who have survived their marital crisis and stayed together are giving their best to enjoy their days together, making every day as beautiful as it possibly can be. Others, who have parted ways and discovered a life beyond their commitment to doing the dishes night after night – are dating. Oh, they so are – and they’re probably having more fun than 20-year-olds are! Naturally, you sometimes have to trip over the bumps on the road leading to DateVille but maybe that’s what’s making the whole journey exciting, right?

If you’re curious to find out what’s it like to be a part of the middle-age dating scene, here are some insights.


We talk to each other, for instance

Unlike most 20- and 30-year-olds who seem to be more focused on their phones than the people they’re sitting with, we actually talk to each other. We laugh, we joke, we share experiences. To most of us – mobile phones (especially those weird touch screen things!) are still a total brain-bash, so we tend to keep things real.

The dates we go on are extremely fulfilling, tender and honest – if we’re on a date with a compatible person, that is (but that’s true of any date, at any age). We show interest in each other’s pasts, experiences, families we’ve built (or haven’t), professional endeavors and hobbies. These conversations are always casual because you know that – at our age – it’s pretty hard to embarrass yourself with anything. We’re all grown-ups with formed personalities, so not much can trigger us. And we’re there. In the moment. The feeling of having someone’s undivided attention is way better than being replaced for a scroll on Instagram, isn’t it? We do things old school, and it’s beautiful.


We’re just about equally wrinkled, so it’s okay

When it comes to taking our clothes off, whether it’s for the bedroom pleasure or spending the day at the river in our swimsuits – we hardly ever sweat over the way we look. Sure, some are fitter than others, but we’re all wrinkled just enough to not even break a sweat over physical appearance and the potential judgment that may come with it. Amazing, right? I know.

Most of us are freed of prejudice

The thing with middle-age dating is that we know that we’re in it with the same agenda. Whether we’ve met through dating sites, friends or by accident while buying prescribed heart meds, we’re open to finding a companion, having fun and enjoying the ride.

Further, the cat and mouse game is non-existent. Remember when you were 25 and your stomach would twist and twirl after each date, and you’d get totally horrified thinking whether he’s going to call or not the next day? Well, these days – even if he doesn’t call, you call him. You’re not freaked about how to make the first move – you just make it, and it’s amazingly liberating! Also, most of us are past that phase where you are treated as a piece of good-for-the-night-meat. Mature age has the advantage of helping you set your priorities straight, and with that come some pretty good choices. And guess what? Even if it’s just a sex thing (yes, middle aged people do have sex, too) – we can be open with each other about it.

P.S. You don’t even have to obsess over meeting his mother and leaving a good impression – she’s probably dead already.

As you know, middle age is often associated with lack of sex and pleasure, and a family life that’s just about as exciting as a dead snail… and, as you’ve just read – things are WAY better than that!

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