Useful Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding Abroad

wedding abroad

Whether it’s because you want a special occasion in another country or if you just want to get away and marry in private, going abroad to exchange vows is becoming more and more popular as young couples look for new and unique ways to create wonderful memories together. Sadly, from legal issues to visa requirements and even financial worries, taking your ceremony abroad can be a troublesome task if you aren’t prepared. So to help you out, here are a couple of ways to plan the ultimate wedding abroad.


Search for inspiration

Planning a wedding abroad opens up a lot more options than just getting a wedding in your home country. There’s already a dazzling number of combinations and arrangements for your wedding, and the decision to go abroad opens up countless more options for your big day. Make sure you’re looking at websites such as Pinterest for inspiration. Create a folder and save all the images that you like and use them as fuel for your ideas.

Check for legal problems

Marriage laws are different in every country. Make sure it’s legal for you to marry abroad and consider doing some research on problems like international law. For instance, some countries don’t allow inter-faith marriages which could be a problem unless you and your partner both convert to the same faith. Sadly, that could introduce many other problems in the relationship. In France, couples cannot marry unless they have lived in France for 40 days or have relatives who live in France.

Hire a wedding planner

Planning a wedding is already a tough job, but if you take it abroad then there are even more things to consider and this is when a wedding planner can come in handy. You’ll need to hire lots of different services as well, and if the ones in your country aren’t willing to travel with you, then you’ll need to hire photographers, caterers and other services in the country itself. Thankfully, there are plenty of wedding services in every country. If you plan to go to Venice, then you could try this wedding photographer and if you plan to go to Rome, then ensure you also have a translator.


Decide on the right time

Although not everyone enjoys the idea of a cold wedding, it can be a fantastic opportunity to experience something different and new. For instance, you could have a wedding in the snowy north of Finland. It would be a magical experience that is available almost all year around. However, if you’d prefer a hot and sunny wedding on a beach, then you’ll need to consider when the best time to go is. It would need to be sometime during the summer, and you’ll need to keep travel costs in mind as well.

Consider your honeymoon

Lastly, you need to think about your honeymoon plan. Do you plan to stay in the same country abroad, or will you be heading back to your home country? Perhaps you’ll kickstart a tour of the continent you’re on, or maybe you can choose a different country entirely. There are plenty of options for a honeymoon abroad, so add this to your inspiration stage and make sure you’re picking a wonderful destination for your honeymoon


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