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A wedding is the most important event of your life as you say yes to new beginnings with someone you truly love. Everything needs great planning and proper investment to make it a success; from choosing the right dress to wearing matching costume jewels you need to make sure that you go for right options and turn into a beautiful day of your life. So, to make it all perfect, here are some valuable tips for buying costume jewelry.

  1. Make it similar to the tone of the dress:

Not all wedding dresses are just plain white which is why you need to determine the tone first.

  • Plain White:

If it’s plain white, then go for silver/platinum jewels as it looks the brightest on it.

  • Milky White:

If it’s milky white, then go for gold jewels to lift up the creamy hues of the dress.

  • Hues of Pink:

If your dress has some pinkish hues, then rose-gold would be the best costume jewels to go for.

  1. Wear Skin-friendly Materials:

Costume jewelry is made with different kinds of materials: brass, nickel, and copper. The plating of these is either: gold, silver, rose-gold or rhodium. The important factor here is the material of the ornaments as not all skins are used to these materials.

  • The costume jewels that you pick for your wedding dress should not be pointy as it might get stuck into the wedding dress and ruin it
  • should be nickel-free
  • must be hypoallergenic so that any allergic reactions avoided on your wedding day and you’re good to go
  1. Wear Jewelry That Matches Your Neckline:

The jewels for your wedding dress should be such that it matches the neckline and gives a nice frame to your face. If you go to shop costume jewelry for weddings, various of jewelry styles could be found in wholesale costume jewelry stores nowadays. However, if the neckline is a V-neck, sweetheart or halter neckline which are the most common designs for wedding, then do as follows:

  • V-neck:

With a V-neck, you should wear a pendant or layers of a pendant necklace. You might as well go for a choker depending on the width of your neckline. As for the earrings, wear smaller ones dangling as they look the best with V-neck.

  • Sweetheart:

For a sweetheart neckline, you can wear statement earrings and skip wearing a necklace or you could wear a statement necklace and wear stud earrings.

  • Halter neckline:

For a halter neckline, you need no necklace and just go for loop or teardrop earrings.

  1. The Heavier the Wedding Dress, The Lighter Should Be your ornaments:

One last valuable tip to keep in mind is to style simple jewels if the dress has a lot of embroidery and vice versa. You don’t want to end up looking too extra on your big day, so follow this tip and you are good to go.

All in all, if you keep these tips fresh in your mind before buying costume jewelry for the wedding, we assure you that you will be catching many compliments on your bridal look and this would make your wedding: “Memorable”. If you are happen to search for costume jewelry for your weddings, then you may want to check, they offers thousands of styles of costume jewelry at affordable cost, so great source for buying costume jewelry for your big event there.


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