Valuable Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers

Doing your own wedding flowers for your big day is a great way to save money in your budget. Ensure your DIY project goes smoothly with our valuable tips.

Having flowers at your wedding is essential for adding vibrant pops of color and texture throughout your decor. However, hiring a florist to make numerous bouquets can take away from your budget very quickly. If you’re trying to budget more, consider the alternative of DIYing your own bouquets. Use our valuable tips below for making your own wedding flowers.

Consider When and Where Your Wedding Will Take Place

Depending on when and where your wedding is can determine the type of flowers you choose for your big day. For example, the best flower options for a tropical wedding shouldn’t include flowers that pair well with autumn, like coneflowers or pansy flowers.

Consider the season your wedding is taking place in and whether your ceremony/reception will be indoors or outdoors. Taking those variables into consideration can help you narrow down your options for which blooms to choose.

doing your own wedding flowers

List What Arrangements You Need

Something you might not realize right away is the number of flowers a bride uses on their wedding day. Each bridesmaid holds a bouquet, each table has a centerpiece, and there might even be flowers at the end of each aisle of chairs. Make a list of these arrangements so that you have a better idea of how many bouquets you will need to create.

Stick to Choosing Three Blooms

When it’s time to choose the blooms for your bouquet, you should never choose more than three. If you decide to work with more types of flowers, things will start to look overcrowded or gaudy. Choose three flowers that complement each other and additional greenery for accents. Now you can mix and match to create completely unique yet similar bouquets.

Keep Your Flowers Healthy

A significant concern that many couples face when doing their own wedding flowers is keeping them alive and healthy until the big day. You’re likely not arranging bouquets the morning of your wedding, so keeping the flowers healthy beforehand is crucial. Cutting the stems at 45-degree angles and changing the water once every one to two days is essential to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

Create Structure With Embellishments

Now that you’ve finished planning the arrangements and preparing the flowers, you can begin structuring the bouquets. Flowers won’t hold together on their own, so you must tie them with something like ribbon. Adding ribbon to flower arrangements is very simple, making everything come together seamlessly. You could even purchase a custom ribbon with your new last name for added detail.

Now your flowers are ready for your big day! Don’t forget to give them fresh water the day of your wedding to ensure everything looks and smells fresh.

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