VIDA CHIC #RepurposeTheLove Campaign


Well – the wedding is over. So much love, good energy and happiness goes into choosing the flowers and tasting the food for this special day – but once it’s all over – it’s just a memory on our IG. With the #RePurposeTheLove campaign – we take those special items and give them to people that could use a little extra love. Here’s how it works:

We take the items from the wedding you don’t want or are willing to part with and distribute them to the lonely and forgotten few in our community that could use a little extra love.

– Bridesmaids dresses: Given to local shelters that house prom/dance-aged teenage girls so they have dresses to choose from for their dance.

-Flowers: Rearranged and taken to nursing homes for the elderly that always seem to be forgotten.

-Leftover food: Homeless on the streets of Oahu.

-Wedding Dresses: It’s such a tragedy when your baby doesn’t make it. It’s something nobody should have to go through. We send wedding dresses to be made into lovely ensembles for babies that become angels too soon.

It only makes sense to #RepurposeTheLove

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