Visit The Brighton Bathing Boxes In Melbourne

For a long time during the late nineteenth century, Brighton was the most favoured seaside destination in Melbourne. Located in the seaside of Bayside, Brighton boasts some 17 kilometres of foreshore that stretches all the way to Port Phillip Bay.

One of the things to look for when you are planning to visit Melbourne is their famous bathing boxes. These colourful bathing boxes are lined up along the shorelines and have provided lovely scenery to Port Phillip Bay.

Tucked away on Dendy Street Beach, you will find the Brighton bathing boxes which are not only a popular Brighton icon, but also an important cultural asset.

There’s Lots to Learn About the Bathing Boxes

The boatsheds and bathing boxes are an important part of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, too. There has been a lot written about Victorian morality and the impact it had on how people went about bathing and enjoying the gorgeous seashore. The result of this morality meant that the bathing boxes had their origins not only on the Australian continent, but also on the beaches of Italy, France and England. European bathing boxes actually still exist today.

The 82 bathing boxes in Brighton are especially unique in their uniform proportion and scale as well as the sentry order alignment, building materials and the Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay on a beach that is owned by the Bayside City Council. While they may be simple structures, they have all retained their classic Victorian architectural features complete with corrugated iron roofs, weatherboards and timber framing. They are the same as they were more than one hundred years ago and are still licensed bathing boxes, which guests to our hotel, can visit during their trip.

Historical and Cultural Resources at their Finest

While about 1,860 bathing boxes, boatsheds and other similar structures are still located around Western Port and Port Phillip Bay, the bathing boxes in Brighton are the only structures that remain close to the Melbourne central business district. As the functional reminder of a bygone era, they offer an important historical and cultural resource that is always being dram, painted or photographed.

Licensees tend to choose to make their bathing boxes stand out with simple structural, colour and artistic variations. When viewed altogether, the boxes turn the beachscape into a stunning collective work of art that can change literally by the hour, season and time of day.

Book a Stay with Them If You’re Visiting the Bathing Boxes

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