Wardrobe Essentials: Floral prints

romper, dresslink, nora gouma

I love floral prints they definitely spice up your wardrobe during fall.  I like to combine it with heels or wedges it’s also a perfect romantic print to wear as a bridesmaid. Here are my favorite floral print wardrobe essentials from Dresslink.

When it gets colder I usually wear a jacket on top of my outfit. A white floral print jacket looks perfect if you mix it with neutral colors like white and blue. With a hint of orange you will make every rainy fall day bright!



If you like bright colors I would go for yellow. This high waisted jumpsuit is perfect for the fall season.  A jumpsuit or romper is flamboyant and comfortable to wear at the same time. They are super cute for daytime and with heels you can make it look elegant.

I think we can all agree that you need at least one 2 piece set in your wardrobe. I would go for a high waisted white 2 piece with floral print because it is perfect for every figure and looks elegant and fashionable. The white and blue combination is perfect for a fall fashion wardrobe!



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