Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wedding

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When you think of a wedding, the most dominant color that comes to your mind is white, right? And if it’s not white, it’s all the muted colors that count. However, each and every wedding celebration and party should be different to a certain extent, and one of the best ideas to make your own stand out from the crowd of monotonous white weddings is to have a pop of color. We’re not talking about inviting everyone with a bright-colored dress code (as that would easily turn into a circus), but if you keep it simple and minimalistic with a bit of bright and pastel colors, the whole experience is just going to be a bit more magical and beautiful. These are some of the ways in which you can make that happen on your own wedding:

1. Have your decoration help you

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Of course, the decoration on a wedding party actually determines the actual palette of colors. This means that, if you want a specific color more dominant, you should make sure that your decoration does the job for you. Let’s say you want bright colors to stand out, such as red and yellow. The best way to achieve this is to have all the chairs in one of these two colors (not both of course, as you don’t want to overdo it). The whole setting is still going to be white or silver, but it will definitely have a dash of a bright color (in this case, red). You could also make sure that the napkins are in a different color – everything lies in the details. As far as the flowers go – go very bright or go home!

2. Add life to your outfits

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Yes, you should have a white wedding dress and your guy should have a monochromatic suit in any color that he wants (but most commonly dark blue or black). Well, this can be the case while still popping out some color. Once again, everything is in details. First of all, let’s focus on your flower bouquet – instead of white or baby pink roses, you can choose something that’s a bit more colorful, which will immediately match with your white wedding dress. Choose the same colors as details on your husband-to-be’s outfit, such as the small pocket on his blazer. You can add a small flower or two there, and still keep it elegant, simple, yet matching. (Guys, if you’re the ones who’re reading this we deeply apologize, but it’s kinda more common that the girls do the planning. No offence!).

3. A photo shoot with a twist

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Surely your wedding reception should have the pop of color that we’re talking about, but then again, it’s going to be pretty pointless if you don’t have the same color pop on your wedding photographs, right? Since your photo shoot is going to be someplace very nice that matches perfectly with your outfits. You can think a bit more unconventional here, and add some color by, for example, choosing different footwear for these purposes. Taking high-quality Nike shoes and matching it with the monochromatic attire will definitely make your wedding photos look extremely interesting and beautiful. Especially because they make great shoes that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, so you won’t have any problem running around the local park in your sneakers while wearing your wedding dress. Result – you become a wedding influencer.

4. Eating and drinking color

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As far as the buffet and the bar are concerned, you can also choose this department to go a bit crazy on the colors. Even though you won’t be changing your menu according to the colors that you want on your wedding, you can always decorate your food in a specific way and add certain details around it to make that specific color pop out. Adding small red or purple flowers around each plate is a good way to do it. On the other hand, you cannot add details to a glass of champagne, now, can you? Well, you can use the aperitifs here to the rescue, and serve great cocktails in bright colors. You can find many great cocktails online, or have someone make them for you. It’s a great plot twist, totally instagrammable and very interesting. Oh, and if you choose great cocktails, very tasty.

There you go – a wedding celebration with a dash of color that pops out everywhere you turn. Of course, there are ways to overdo it, so make sure that you have everything planned in advance. You will also see on the rehearsal dinner if everything looks amazing. But if you keep it in details, there’s no way anything can go wrong.


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