Ways to avoid the wedding budget bloat

wedding budget

When we start our wedding plans, many of us begin with a modest budget and work tirelessly to stick within the margins. But inevitably, most of us end up spending way more than we ever expected! The average cost of a wedding (surveyed in 2017) was an eye-watering £27,000, and many brides to be are working with much, much less.

So how can we avoid the wedding budget bloat? Well, here you’ll get the lowdown on how you can save money on your big day and still get the wedding you and your partner deserve.

The entertainment

For some, it’s a crucial part of the wedding reception and the pressure to get it right is immense. When it comes to wedding entertainment, the trick here is to remember quality over quantity. Incredible bands and acts such as Vibetown are ideal for those wanting high-quality entertainment but with playlists chosen by you and your wedding party and the style and feel of the entertainment they provide tailored to your tastes.

Sticking to one type of entertainment and letting them work their magic allows your guests to fully appreciate the atmosphere your chosen act is creating. This way, you’re not hiring a DJ, a mixologist and a magician to work the room all at the same time…remember, less is more!

The guest list

I know it’s tempting to invite every relative, every roommate you’ve ever had and everyone you’ve ever worked with but every addition to the guest list incurs a cost, and also makes your big day less and less intimate.

Don’t feel obligated or guilty into inviting people to your wedding. Yes, you might have been invited to a reception a few years ago but, have you seen them since? Start by reducing your guest list by 20% then if you think you could lose a few more, whittle it down by another 20%.

Seek wedding help instead of wedding gifts

Got a friend that’s a talented baker? Or a budding photographer perhaps? Perhaps you’ve got some friends that are in a band or talented singers? Why not see if they’ll provide their services as wedding gifts? It’ll save you a bundle and it will make the day even more special!


Many of us know that the catering is a huge chunk of any wedding budget. So, how can you reduce the costs without compromising on the quality? Well, why not try to do some of the catering yourself? If you’ve reduced your guest list, it might be easier than you think to put together a high-quality buffet…

Or, if cooking/baking isn’t best left in your hands, head to a local, family-owned restaurant and see if they will provide the catering for you. You’ll find that if owners are asked directly, they’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you wanted for your wedding and the price won’t be as inflated as an official catering company. You won’t know until you ask!

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