Ways to dress up for a wedding this winter

wedding this winter

From dressing up in your finest to welcome Santa to bringing out the big guns to ring in the New Year, winter is the time to put on your best foot forward. If someone you know is getting married this season, then that adds to the stress as finding the perfect dress for a winter wedding is a hard task. If you want to bring on the heat and look like a queen for any wedding this winter, then here are some ways through which you can nail your winter wedding look.

1-Keep it classic with a velvet number

Velvet has a timeless elegance that few other clothing materials seem to possess. If you want to keep your look classic, then you can opt for a velvet dress. While there are a variety of different colors that you can choose from, velvet often looks best in darker colors like black, burgundy and emerald green. With a velvet dress, you can even steer clear from the trouble of clashing with the bridesmaids or the bride herself. Even a simple A-line dress looks good in velvet. If you want to add fun accessories to the mix, then large necklaces or chandelier earrings are a good option.

2-Bring on a modern touch with a jumpsuit

In theory, a jumpsuit might not sound like the best attire for a formal wedding but with the different styles of jumpsuits available right now, you can find numerous options that would be a good fit for a wedding. One big jumpsuit trend that has taken the fashion world by storm has been the caped jumpsuit. You can also wear other types of jumpsuits such as ones with asymmetrical necklines or tube tops, depending on the formality level of the wedding. Pairing up the jumpsuits with bolero jackets or glitzy uppers is also a good option if you want to dress up the jumpsuit.

3-Channel sophistication with a pantsuit

This is another type of formal dressing. An unconventional outfit for a wedding would be a tailored pantsuit. Gone are the days when pantsuits were only designated for meetings and were categorized as a business formal outfit. Pantsuits are a great outfit choice as not only they will look great on you but will also protect you from the elements of the weather. So you can feel comfortable and cozy while still looking like a queen. It’s not necessary that you have to wear a plain pantsuit, you can wear patterned shirts inside or replace your normal coat with something glitzy and glamorous.

4-Let the coat do the talking for you

Often times, people let their dress become the focal point of the outfit and their coat is something that is meant to take a back seat so everyone can appreciate the dress for the beauty that it is. A fun change would be to get a beautiful statement coat and let that become the focal point of the outfit. So even if your dress is simple or is something that you have worn before, you can create a new outfit with it if you choose the right kind of statement outerwear to complement it. If glitters and sequins are not your cup of tea, then you can get jackets with psychedelic prints or in large glamorous prints.

5-Bring on the glitz and glamour with Sequins

If you want to shout out from the rooftops about your love for glitz and glamour then weddings are the perfect place to let that love shine through. There are two ways through which you can wear a sequined outfit, you can either go all out with a fully sequined outfit or you can pair a sequined item of clothing with someone else. Either way, when playing with this type of clothing, it’s best to keep all other elements of your outfit underrated so you can let your dress shine through and do all the talking for you. A sequined dress is perfect for parties and events.

6-Repurpose your summer outfits for the summer

Just because the weather has turned a little chilly that doesn’t mean that you have to retire all your summer clothing to the back of your closet. With a few tweaks and adjustments, you can transform your summer outfits in a way that they can become good wedding attire. Adding tights to super short dresses to escape the nippy air of winters is a good option and so is layering up your outfits with inner as well as outerwear.

It’s important to remember that the type of outfit you wear depends on a number of different factors so keep those in mind before deciding an outfit. You don’t want to double down on layering up your outfit only to get to a venue that has central heating. Keep all factors in mind before conjuring up your outfit because it’s important to feel good as you look good.

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