Ways To Say I Love You

Three little words can mean a lot. But there is a lot that comes between saying it and showing it. Being able to show someone you love them isn’t always easy. You can, however, take steps to show someone how much they mean to you, just with gestures – both big and small.

Photo by Bethany Cirlincione on Unsplash


There isn’t as much as wonderful in the world as having someone cook for you. When they know that you like it extra spicy, or that you don’t love a specific herb that would usually be found in the meal. Those moments are often taken for granted. More so if you aren’t the one who does the cooking each day. Getting up a little bit earlier on a weekend morning, armed with a host of ingredients to make your friend, partner or even a family member something delicious to start their day.


Some people think this is too easy, others appreciate the time and effort that went into getting something amazing. Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are all great ideas. But it might just be time to check out a ring concierge engagement ring. What could say ‘I love you’ more than having a ring designed for the love of your life?


Over time people stop genuinely listening to each other. Yes, they make the right encouraging noises and perhaps nod their heads, but many people aren’t genuinely listening. It takes a lot to really listen, in fact, it is a skill to be learned. Active listening will help you tune in to what your parent, friend or family member is really saying. Often they aren’t asking for a solution to their problem, but rather just someone to listen. And, if you are the one who has something to say, sometimes it is worth repeating it a few times until you feel that you are clear on the points you want to get across. Letting things go unsaid can do a lot of damage, so those lines of communication are essential.


This can sometimes feel like a big ask. If you happen to be the partner at home with the children, then you are the one who is often seen as the supporting party. But you should be able to get the support you require too. If you are the partner who goes out to work, then it might be time to examine how you are supporting your partner. It could be as simple as they want to learn to play the guitar, bake a cake or perhaps a business from home. Your partner might be going for a promotion at work. Whatever it is, you’d do best to see where you can support them in making it a reality.

New Things

When you do new things with someone, you both get that little buzz of excitement. New experiences cause a rush of oxytocin, and that is the happy hormone. It might be exploring a new city or even a new restaurant. Small things can keep you well connected to your partner, friend or family member – and those bonds are strengthened with each unique experience.

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