Ways To Use Rugs for Your Dream Boho Wedding

boho wedding

Making the most of what is available is crucial for anyone’s special day. Read on to learn some ways to use rugs for your dream boho wedding.

When it comes to setting up a wedding, the factors to keep track of are often mind-numbing. However, it is important to be ready for the creative challenge it entails. Rugs are a flexible design tool to use for any event, for anything from decorations to furnishing entries. Here are some creative ways to use rugs for your dream boho wedding.

Texturize Your Scene

It is important to let go of typical structural uniformity when designing a Bohemian-style wedding. This means there doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for what materials you use in the room. The blending of various textures is an appealing way of diversifying the room and keeping things active for the eyes. You can use different patterned rugs for the guest seating areas, the dining room, and the lounge. The floor is your stage, and by dressing it in unique colors and patterns, you bring out the foundation of the boho style.

Decorate the Walls

Sure, it sounds a bit unconventional, but consider using rugs as a form of art. Cut each of them into different shapes. They can blend into the room while helping to differentiate specific areas. Though it isn’t necessary to match everything around you, having at least one constant in your design that follows guests and pulls the room together is fun. If guests feel the need to touch those decorations, it is all the better. Bohemian style is about coolness, comfort, and relaxation. When guests physically interact with the décor, it invites them to be comfortable.

Use Some Unique Patterns

There are several different things to consider when ordering a customized carpet. Think back to your fondest memories and dig into the smaller details. Think of the colors of your grandmother’s shawl or your father’s old blanket; think about the nostalgic patterns that those objects have. Implementing a similar design to the carpets you use helps achieve the Bohemian aesthetic you are aiming for. Using several striking and individualized patterns in your carpet adds that touch of controlled chaos to the overall appearance.

When you decorate with the Boho style, it’s not about impressing people. Rather, it is a look into your life narrative and values. Reflecting that in the design helps others understand you and feel at home when experiencing the décor. By considering these ways to use rugs for your dream boho wedding, you are sure to leave a meaningful impact on everyone involved.

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