Wed in Style: 8 Unique Wedding Themes Your Guests Would Never Forget

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Each wedding is unique with every couple having their own set of challenges to deal with when doing the wedding preparations. Some of these problems are recurring in all weddings but overall, it makes for a wonderful story to tell to friends later on. Why go through all this trouble? It’s because every couple wants their wedding day to be remembered by themselves and by those around who witnessed it.

To ensure yours is even more memorable, we thought we might give you some unique wedding ideas to consider trying. Play around with these ideas in your head until you find one that you like. Make sure it is something that is significant to you and your fiancé. It could revolve around a hobby that you both like, or your favourite movie. Pick wisely. You only get to wed once.

And if you need more ideas on how to execute the theme that you like, you can always turn to the internet for research.

  1. Downtown Abbey

If you’re both into this highly popular British drama then why not recreate the era where it happened by having a Downtown Abbey themed wedding? Have everyone dressed as if they’re from the 1910s.

  1. Butterfly

What better way to symbolize spring than with beautiful colourful butterflies? It’s just perfect for the warm weather with the pastel colours of butterflies perfectly complementing the soft white theme of the wedding. Find a butterfly garden and organize your wedding around it. And if you need professional photography services in Brisbane to capture this meaningful day on camera, feel free to contact a reputable photographer like the Studio 4 Photography team.

  1. Circus

Everyone is guaranteed to have fun on your wedding when you have a circus theme. Who doesn’t like the circus? Start by giving everyone circus-inspired wedding invitations. It’s a great way to let everyone know of your special day and sets the tone for your wedding theme.

  1. Golf

If your fiancé likes golf, then a golf wedding theme might just be perfect for you. Have your invitations in a golf card but instead of scores, have both of your name in it. You can also go crazy on the desserts and keep in line with the golf theme. Great ideas for food include a bucket of balls, sand traps, and “iced tee”.

  1. Mad Men

Mad Men made the 60s looked sexy. You can have an ultimately stylish and sophisticated old-fashioned wedding too by taking a cue from the popular series Mad Men. Make sure every detail is covered including hair, dress, shoes, and even your veil.

  1. Nautical

Perfect for the couple who likes to sail and travel. You need not to look far when finding inspiration for a nautical-themed wedding. Use the colours white, blue, and red as your theme’s central colours. The rest is simple. Go for details like stripes, anchor logos, and sailor hats.

  1. Robot

Bring out your inner geek with a not-so-typical wedding theme such as the robot theme. Infusing the robot image from everything including the invitations, party favours, and guest book is very easy. is your partner in capturing this unique moment. Call them today for a discussion on how they can best document the most important day of your life.

  1. School

If your fiancé is your high school sweetheart, then a school wedding theme is the perfect theme to pick. This is a very easy theme to follow. Think sharpened pencils, cursive cards, chalkboards and more. And if you live near your old school, why not make it your venue? Plenty of great photos await you after the wedding.

We hope these tips helped. The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding theme ideas. Take your time exploring other themes until you find one that you like.

Did you have other suggestions for unique wedding themes? Let us know in the comments.

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