Wedding Album Design  

wedding album design


A great wedding album designer will take your raw wedding images and will magically tell the story of the day. You need to have an ideal of the design style that you are interested it.  Two of the main design styles include:

Classic Album Design – This design style uses black or white backgrounds and are similar to traditional wedding albums.  Fading and effects are kept to a minimum with this type of wedding album design

Modern Album Design – The Modern Album Design style uses fading and transitions in order to guide the viewer through the story of the day.  Rather than solid backgrounds, many of the pages are designed with image backdrops.

While there are now tools that can help you design your album yourself, it is not as easy as it looks!  A good wedding album designer will save you hours and ensure that you are not disappointed!

So, first find a great photographer.  Then find a great wedding album designer.  Finally, find a great wedding album company to make your perfect wedding album.

Then, cherish your marriage and your wedding album!

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