Wedding Attire for Men: How to Dress in 4 Steps

wedding attire

While women usually spend days planning the wedding attire, men tend to be too relaxed. While it’s true that, nowadays, weddings aren’t as formal as they used to be, men should still follow the basic rules related to the wedding outfits.

If you suspect that you might get an invitation soon, take a look. We’ve prepared a complete guide on how to dress for a wedding.

Different kinds of ceremonies
wedding attire

In order to choose the right outfit, you must take a few factors into consideration first.

Make sure to ask your partner or a friend about the type of a wedding that you are invited to. Some weddings can still be very formal. If that’s the case, you’ll have to respect the dress code and choose formal clothes. In some other cases, however, a couple doesn’t really care about formalities. There are people who want their wedding to be either semi-formal or informal so that their guests can totally relax and enjoy the event.

Other factors to pay attention to include a destination, place, as well as the time of the year when the wedding takes place. For example, a suit for a spring wedding in a closed restaurant in Montreal won’t be your choice for a beach wedding in Australia.

The must-have wedding attire suits
wedding attire

If you like the formal clothing, then you must have at least one quality tuxedo in your closet. Sophisticated and elegant, a tuxedo is the best choice if you want to play safe. Though some men roll their eyes when a partner asks them to wear a tuxedo, rest assured that the black-tie dress code is actually one of the least annoying options for you. The black-tie dress hasn’t really changed over the course of the last 100 years, so having a single timeless tuxedo will save you both money and nerves.

On the other hand, if the venue is located near the beach, you’d probably want to avoid heavy fabrics. Pick a suit that is made of the breathable materials, such as cotton or linen. Also, the beach weddings are great because they enable you to play with colors and prints. How about wearing a light blue or fiery red linen suit?

Playing with accessories
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Considering that you’ll probably need your phone and a wallet, you should look for a sophisticated leather bag that matches your attire. For example, Australian designed bags have a great reputation in the fashion industry. You can’t make a mistake with a leather bag in a neutral color.

Choosing the right necktie can be a real challenge even for the most stylish guys. It’s for the best to always have at least a few neckties ready, just in case. If you’re wearing a classic tuxedo, you’d probably want to stick to neutral colors, such as black or navy blue, but if your outfit is semi-formal wedding attire, you can go for a bolder combination and choose lighter and vibrant colors instead. Practically, the same applies to bowties.

Also, make sure to choose a watch that is wearable when paired with a suit and elegant shoes. And, don’t forget the cufflinks. Cufflinks look great when paired with a necktie in the same color.

An appropriate footwear
wedding attire

Lastly, your shoes will tell the final story about your style.

So, try not to make one of the common footwear mistakes. You must not wear the white socks if your shoes are darker. Also, in spite of the possible informal character of a wedding ceremony, you really shouldn’t wear sneakers or flip flops as wedding attire – not even at the beach wedding!

If you prefer elegance, black or dark brown oxfords are a perfect choice. Alternative options like smoking slippers are fine as long as they pair well with the material that your suit is made of. However, before opting for smoking slippers, make sure to check whether these are appropriate for the occasion (a wedding’s location, weather conditions, etc.)

One of the interesting facts about weddings is that everyone is more relaxed than a person who ties the knot. Though a couple is definitely in the center of everyone’s attention, their guests seem to enjoy the event more than they do. However, that still doesn’t mean that guests should disrespect their hosts. Now that you know how to appropriately dress for a wedding, you can stay calm when you get an invitation next time.

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