Wedding destination: get married in Lapland

married in Lapland

How would you describe your ideal wedding? If your description includes: “being on the top of the world”, well then wonder no more. And be prepared to make up your mind and get married in Lapland. We all want that dream-wedding that we’ve been planning ever since we were little girls. And that dream may well be the single greatest thing going on in the minds of many “brides to be”. Lapland, the northern most region of Finland may very well take you to the top of the world. And give you the perfect scenario to tie that knot. That too in a variety of locations that you can choose from:


If you’re planning on a private winter wedding with only a few guests then the cozy interior of kotas. Of which there are a wide variety, might be perfect for you. As you proclaim your vows in a cabin decorated with reindeer fur and kept warm with a flickering fire. And finally get to be declared MR and MRS, you will recount on this as an experience well-lived. You may after that feel free to relax inside and then head on to your resort for accommodation.

married in Lapland

Snow Village

The snow village is, you’ve guessed it, made up of snow, well mostly. It is constructed afresh every year and the décor changes in light of modern trends. If you want a truly memorable and unique marriage, then this ought to be your choice. You can choose to be wed inside either an ice chapel or a wooden one. Whatever you choose to do, this will definitely be a day you’re not going to forget.

Northern Lights House married in Lapland

The Northern Lights House offers your wedding ceremony, meal, party, and honeymoon night under a single roof. The experience is unexplained in words. You must be there to feel it, that’s the only way to do justice. With the mesmerizing sensation that it brings with itself. And not to mention, you might get lucky with those epic Northern Lights.

There’s even more that Lapland has to offer. These were our top picks but in case you need to look into it a little bit more then make up your mind then we do understand. Can you imagine getting married in Lapland? A dream come true!

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