Wedding Destination: Magical Bali

wedding destination, Bali

A wedding day is one of those special moments most brides dream their whole lives. Some even have it all perfectly planned in their minds, while others know one thing for certain – they want romance. Even men are not shy to admit that when they say “I Do” to their partners, they want it to be amazing and unique.

Some soon-to-be newlyweds decide to have a traditional wedding at the big hall with flowery decorations or maybe at home in a private ceremony. However, there are those who want to get married on the beach, overlooking the sunrise while surrounded by tropical heaven.

In addition, Bali is one of those magical locations, but there are also some things to do before you exchange vows at the “Islands of Gods”.

Choose the venue

Usually, the couples decide to get married in private villas in more intimate weddings. There are also those who choose hotels and resorts, especially if the guest list is large. However, you can have a wedding at the beach or on the cliff overlooking the gorgeous Bali landscapes.

Since Bali is a very popular tourist destination, make sure that you book the accommodations in time and the venue. Some advice to do it at least six months before the event, to avoid losing the spot and to make sure everything else is in order. Since Bali is only one of the islands in the province of the same name, you will have a lot of wonderful places to consider.

Decide on the type of wedding

Every wedding needs paperwork so it would be official and legally valid. Of course, this depends on what type of wedding you will have. There are two choices for getting married in Bali – you can have a legal wedding or a symbolic ceremony.

The first one will require paperwork, one that needs to be handled at home and in Bali. There are procedures to follow in Bali which depend on the nationality so make sure you get all the information from authorities. If you get legally married in Bali, you have to perform a religious and civil ceremony. Religious one is available for Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christian, that is Catholic and Protestant religion.

The second one won’t need any bureaucracy at all, but when you get home, you will have to make it official legally. The choice depends on the time you have at your hands, as well as what type of wedding you want. For example, if it’s too expensive to have guests, you can have a symbolic and private ceremony in Bali. Later, you can have a traditional wedding at home and make it official.

Pick the right season

Seasons in Bali can make all the difference so make sure you know when is the rainy season if you want to get married on a sunny day. The period from October to March is considered as rainy season and the country have fewer tourists.

During June to August, the prices go higher since it’s the peak of the season and Bali gets crowded. So consider dates from January to June and September to December since those are the low-tourist seasons in Bali. The best way to make the decision is to consult your wedding planners since they have more experience when it comes to choosing the perfect time.

The Banjar tax

If you chose to have the wedding in a villa in Bali then you will have to pay the Banjar tax. This is a local fee intended for rural communities and after paying it, you have a permission to organize a wedding at the certain settlement. The sum you have to pay depends from the village and you should see what the conditions among the villas are.

“Bring your own drink” rule

Alcohol is very expensive in Bali, so if you have a tight budget, you might have to ask your guests to bring their own drink. The Indonesian government allows one litre of alcoholic beverage per visitor, so that can help some when it comes to the bill. It’s something normally done so you wouldn’t be breaking any laws or acting inappropriately.

All in all

Bali may require all these things, but so does any other wedding. After all, Bali is a perfect spot to have a wedding with all the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches around. Afterwards, you can continue having your honeymoon and truly experience the magic of Bali.

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