Wedding Destination: The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Many couples elect to tie the knot in a destination wedding ceremony. A destination wedding is a special ceremony set in any location they choose across the globe. While plenty of couples make their decision based on a personal connection to a place, it’s also very common to pick somewhere which they’ve been wanting to visit, or because of its visual appeal.

For those interested in the aesthetic appeal of a wedding destination, it’s easy to see why Mediterranean coastal weddings are so popular. The white sands and vibrant blue water of the Caribbean are a perfect backdrop for a beachside ceremony and the resulting wedding photos. Nobody can stop a smile surrounded by the beauty of a tropical island! For some examples of wedding photos taken in The Bahamas, check out this gorgeous gallery.

Another benefit of heading somewhere tropical is the constant sunshine. The weather is more reliable closer to the equator, with consistently warm, sunny weather. Outdoor ceremonies in many parts of the world can be a risky venture, since they need to be planned months in advance without any weather forecasts to guide the decision. There’s nothing worse than turning up for a lovely garden wedding, only to be rained out and squelch your way through muddy grass to get to some shelter.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the key tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Conveniently located an hour’s flight from Florida, holidays to the islands are highly sought after. There is lots of accommodation and activities geared towards tourists, so your guests will have plenty to do while they’re not attending your ceremony.

The major appeal of a destination wedding is that it’s a wedding and a vacation, all rolled into the one trip! Both Bahamas weddings and holidays are special on their own; combining the two makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Not only do your guests get to take the vacation of any traveller’s dreams, but you get to enjoy having the most important people in your life around you as you all experience another place and culture.

On the downside, large group vacations have the potential to be very stressful. Wedding planning is notorious for the tensions which may arise. Understandably, some couples would be reluctant to mix the two of these! Visiting a beachy locale with a relaxed vibe becomes ineffectual if you’re running around after stray family members and tearing your hair out over the catering. However, it doesn’t have to be such a huge, momentous task.

The Bahamas

Much of the economy in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is built around tourism, so the Bahamian locals are experts at hosting guests. The picturesque landscape is very popular for weddings, so many resorts offer packages which are specifically tailored to wedding parties. This can also be a convenient way to save money as you can combine accommodation costs with the other typical wedding expenses.

This means that couples no longer have to organise everything themselves. Getting the staff on board to sort out the venue preparation, decorations and catering leaves the bride and groom free to enjoy their special day. Nobody can get lost walking from their resort accommodation to the ceremony location! There’s no last-minute dramas with the catering staff or the florist bailing out either. Some venues even offer photography services as well, with local staff experienced shooting photos for coastal weddings.

The most important decision is to choose where you want your wedding held. All the resorts have their own unique vibe, whether it’s polished and exclusive or laid-back and beachy. The venue will also determine how many guests you can invite, and how expensive it will be for both them and you. Family-owned venues with local staff are more likely to provide a personal experience which you can customise, whereas larger chain venues often have packages with fixed options.

Everyone’s wedding day should be exactly as they want it to be. If you dream of a Caribbean wedding in The Bahamas with glorious ocean scenery, go for it. It will be easier than you think so long as you do your research online and set yourselves a budget. Choose a resort where you can have fun!

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